WWD Digital Forum Fall 2011

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About this conference

Keeping pace with today's apparel, beauty, and retail business requires staying ahead of the latest technological trends. This October, the fall session of the WWD Digital Forum addresses every aspect of business in the digital space—from mobile technology to social media marketing strategies to e-commerce opportunities. Hosted by WWD editors, the event features actionable information, interactive discussions, and provides the knowledge and tools required to compete in today's tech-driven marketing landscape.

Topics Include:
- Shopping, Anywhere: The Rise of Mobile Commerce
- Social Media Strategies: Facebook & Beyond
- E-Commerce and the Future of Online Shopping
- Mobile Marketing: Your Message on the Go
- Bloggers, Information Sharing and the Influence of Digital Culture

About Fairchild Fashion Media

Fairchild Fashion Media (FFM) is the leading source of fashion news and analysis for industry leaders and the global fashion community.

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