WWD Beauty Summit 2013

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Unilever's Gina Boswell on Sustainability with Success

Gina Bosworth, Executive Vice President for Personal Care, discusses Unilever's new sustainable approach to business and how its redefining success. 

Find Your Third Life Partner: Beauty for Longer Lives

Gordon Farquhar, Chief Executive of Boots Retail USA at Alliance Boots, reveals how longer-living people seeking second or third life-partners will increase the need for advanced beauty solutions. 

Bluemercury: Why Beauty Brands Need to Be Cannibalistic

Bluemercury co-founder and CEO Marla Malcolm Beck declares how to disrupt the beauty industry by being cannibalistic.

Brand Photo Op: How Kapture Capitalizes on Photo Sharing

Michael Szewczyk, president and co-founder of Kapture, shares an app that rewards consumers for taking and sharing photos of brands and services. 

Weibo: How Chinese Microblogs Sneak Fashion Past Censors

Executive vice president of Shanghai Jahwa United Co. Ltd. Hua Fang shows how microblogging tools like Weibo - the equivalent of Twitter in China - are helping to globalize brands.

Brand POV: How Coca-Cola and Revlon Built Iconic Brands

Revlon's global chief marketing officer Julia Goldin stresses how global brands are iconic brands because they have a point of view.

Vinotherapy: Caudalie Turns Wine Grapes Into Glamour

Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of Caudalie Paris, reveals how the cosmetic company uses natural ingredients from grapes and grape vines for its skin care products. 

Why E-Commerce Can't Beat Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Ian Ginsberg, owner of the C.O. Bigelow pharmacy in New York, explains that beauty buyers are looking for personality rather than the stale experience of shopping online. 

From Pharmacy to Vanity: NUXE Sells Beauty Like a Drug

Aliza Jabes, founder of NUXE, describes how she applied the rigorous testing and patenting of the drug industry to sell natural cosmetics.

Crowdtap Uses Mobile Marketing to Make Ads Interactive

Brandon Evans, CEO and founder of Crowdtap, defines collaborative marketing and how to get real-time answers about 'always-on' consumers. 

Millennial Fashion in Moscow: Beauty Isn't About Money

Vice President for Rive Gauche Corinne Jacques breaks down the demographics of who shops at Tsvetnoy in Moscow, from millennials to fashionistas, and what they really want to say with their style. 

Don't Cop My Style: Urban Decay Defends Originality

Wende Zomnir, founder of Urban Decay, argues against imitation and explains that after the success of their 'The Naked Truth' campaign, a lot of beauty bandwidth was wasted copying it. 

Don't Wait, Sell: How PS DEPT. Defeated the 'Busy Trap'

PS DEPT. founder Michelle Goad outlines the ways her company built efficiency back into retail by reaching out to busy shoppers. 

Francis Kurkdjian: How Art and Perfume Trigger Emotions

French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian describes a scent installation in Florence, and how it uses fragrance to reach an audience emotionally.

Go Big: Liberty London Makes Luxury Work for Brands

Ed Burstell, managing director of Liberty London, outlines what makes a good collaborator in the beauty business and how to go further with luxury. 

Norma Kamali: Objectification Isn't Beautiful

Fashion designer Norma Kamali argues that the beauty industry can empower women by promoting natural beauty and being open about sexual objectification.

In-Demand Beauty: CityScope Monitors Data Trends

Nathalie Remy introduces McKinsey & Company's CityScope: a data aggregator tracking emerging markets and the drivers of the beauty industry all over the world.

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About this conference

Unlike any other industry, beauty blends creativity, artistry, science and technology–creating a constant drive for innovation in a highly competitive marketplace. It is an ever-evolving business, where a combination of scientific advances, a growing global market and a highly educated consumer base has opened new categories and created endless opportunities for brands. From tailor-made skin care to the advent of a new age in hair care, breakthroughs abound.

The landscape has changed, and your consumers have changed–are you effectively engaging them? Join an audience of your peers for insight and conversation on the business of beauty at the WWD Beauty Summit.

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