WWD Beauty CEO Summit 2014

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AmorePacific: Korea's Beauty Giant Is Ready for the West

Jeonggy Baek, Vice Chairman of AmorePacific, outlines how the cosmetics and skincare company will expand West and overseas.

Ardency Inn: The Rock Stars of the Makeup World

Gilles Kortzagadarian and Stephane Siboni, co-founders of Ardency Inn, explain how the New York-based cosmetics company uses rock stars to sell makeup. 

Avon: Updating an Iconic Brand for the Digital World

Avon CEO Sheri McCoy discusses the challenges of remodeling the company’s traditional, direct-sales model for the new, digital era.

Beauty, Without the Ego: Shopper-Centric Stores

Shelley Rozenwald, Chief Beauty Adventurer at Hudson's Bay Company,explains how businesses can drop the ego by centering stores around the shopper experience from "complexion-correct" lighting to one of a kind treatment rooms.

Big Data, Big Hair: How Drybar Runs the Blowout Business

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, argues that while understanding business numbers is "super necessary," doing one job with flair and niceness is essential.

Brand Loyalists: How Dollar Shave Club Won the Razor War

Michael Dubin, founder of Dollar Shave Club, explains how the disposable razor seller gets "loyalists and champions" to talk to the brand and speak the language of advertising.

Coty, Inc: The Death of The Four Ps of Marketing

Coty Inc. CEO Michele Scannavini  argues that the old marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) is being replaced by the 4 C's: content, convenience, community, and curation. 

DIY Nail Art: Style & 'Edutainment' at Your Fingertips

Founder of Ciaté London Charlotte Knight describes how nail art is about letting polished fans "own the process" with combinations and applications.

Dress Like a Local: Tourists & Celebrities Shop Miami

Laure Heriard Dubreuil, CEO of The Webster Miami, explains how the boutique business outfits fashionable tourists, locals, celebrities alike for the beach.

Generation Z: Shopping Less, Saving the World More

Shannon Curtin, group VP of beauty and personal care at Walgreens, describes "Generation Z" and how to meet the demands of the most tech-savvy generation. 

How Natura Motivates Team With Merit-Based Bonuses

Alessandro Carlucci, CEO of Brazil's Natura Cosméticos, explains why his team only get bonuses if they meet the economic, environmental, and philosophical needs of the company.

Lynn Tilton: Bribing Silicon Valley to Hire Women CEOs

CEO of Patriarch Partners CEO Lynn Tilton shares the value of "girls being kind to girls" and how she funded a $5 million X Prize to tech teams with female leaders.

Magic in a Bottle: Buy Nothing Day at Le Labo

Fabrice Penot, co-founder of Le Labo, describes how the perfumer stays honest and "magic" by advocating for unidentical experiences and a "Buy Nothing Day" at its stores.

Marks & Spencer: The Retailer as Content Producer

Marks & Spencer’s Patrick Bousquet-Chavenne explains the British retail giant’s push to publish original editorial content for consumers directly through its website.

Rise of the Cronut: 'Binging,' Edginess Is the New Norm

Chris Sanderson, CEO of The Future Laboratory, defines "uber-science" and the spike in edgy, mysterious, and binge-eating style consumerism. 

The Medium Is the Message: Frizz-Ease Breakout Success

Federici Brands LLC Chief Executive Officer Gail M. Federici attributes the success of Frizz-Ease to the small company's use of the packaging to do much of the marketing heavy-lifting.

Three Disruptors Driving the Market Shift In Beauty

Jenny B. Fine, Editor of Beauty Inc, identifies three key “disruptors” that  are driving innovation in the beauty market.

Why Madison Reed Started With An App

Madison Reed founder and CEO Amy Errett explains why this hair color retailer tied its company launch to the development of its mobile application.

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About this conference

The beauty industry is undergoing a metamorphosis-shedding yesterday's entrenched notions of brands, retailers, and consumers in favor of a more nuanced, modern approach. This evolution is impacting everything from product development to marketing and requires new strategies for doing business. Created specifically for industry leaders, WWD's Beauty CEO Summit will feature presentations from the world's foremost beauty brands and experts, digital innovators, and more. Join an audience of your peers on May 7-9 in Palm Beach.

  • The emergence of a new generation of independent brands that are revitalizing fragrance, color cosmetics, and skincare
  • The digital disrupters that are successfully challenging the status quo
  • The rise of generational segmentation and product targeting to Millennials, Boomers, and more
  • The rise of specialization at retail, both mass and prestige
  • New pockets of opportunity that go beyond emerging markets to focus on established geographies, too
  • The "bigger tent" view of beauty, which now includes services, with a focus on both inner and outer appeal
  • Why brick-and-mortar must offer consumers an experience that trumps turn-key digital shopping

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