Women in Business: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

November 14, 2015


  • Ayna Agarwal Ayna is a Deployment Strategist at Palantir Technologies, where she currently runs a multimillion dollar contract for an entirely new sector within the firm. She graduated from Stanford University with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She is encouraging a new generation of good girls gone geek as Co-Founder of she++. 
  • Ayesha Ahmed Ayesha Ahmed is Assistant Director of Content for the Women in Business Conference.
  • Barbara Byrne Barbara Byrne is a Vice Chairman in the Banking Division at Barclays. Based in New York, Ms. Byrne leads the firm's global relationships with a diverse group of multinational corporate clients. For the past five years, she has been ranked by American Banker as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance. 
  • Mayra Ceja Mayra Ceja is the Entrepreneurial Program manager for Princeton University's Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) and the newly created Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC). As an entrepreneur, she has launched and managed a number of ventures, including a tech accelerator in new York City. Mayra received her M.B.A. from Wharton and her A.B. from Princeton.
  • Beth Comstock Beth Comstock was named Vice Chair in August 2015. In this capacity, she leads GE’s efforts to accelerate new growth. She operates GE Business Innovations, which develops new businesses, markets and service models; drives brand value and partners to enhance GE’s inventive culture. This unit includes GE Lighting, GE Ventures & Licensing and GE sales, marketing and communications.
  • Jeri Dunn Ms. Dunn's career spanned over 32 years as a senior business executive and CIO and was fortunate to work for some premium industry leaders including: Nestle USA, Tyson Foods, and Bacardi-Martini. Her focus was leading business transformation efforts that re-designed business processes followed by enabling software (SAP). Most of her career involved working internationally and she enjoyed working with different cultures to solve business problems and streamline operations. 
  • Rachel Gogel Rachel Gogel, who spends her days as the Creative Director of The New York Times' in-house creative agency T Brand Studio, has always had a passion for independent filmmaking, art history and travel. Prior to The Times, she worked at GQ Magazine, Travel + Leisure Magazine and Diane von Furstenberg. Her client list also includes Mashable, USA Network, Sundance Channel, Peter Som, Harvard University, Hachette Book Group, Svilu, Calder Foundation, and Documentaries Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, The 100 Years Show and Indian Point. 
  • Eileen Lee Eileen Lee is COO of Venture for America. Eileen, a born and raised New Yorker, graduated from Columbia University with a degree in economics. The story is pretty typical from here – how many recent grads are recruited directly into financial institutions or consulting firms from Columbia? Eileen helped nudge that percentage up and signed up for a consulting gig at Accenture where she jet set on a weekly basis for over 5 years. Seeking something that she could truly build from the ground up, Eileen left to find greener pastures. Enter: VFA. As its first official employee, Eileen has been actively involved in defining VFA’s mission, core values and culture.
  • Pulin Sanghvi Pulin Sanghvi is the inaugural Executive Director of Career Services at Princeton University, where he is leading a reimagining of the career center on the themes of meaning and purpose. Pulin was formerly Assistant Dean and Director of the Career Management Center at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Anna Sedgley Anna Sedgley is Chief Financial Officer of Dow Jones, a position she has held since December 2012. In this role, Ms. Sedgley is responsible for the preparing and reporting of the company’s financial performance, managing treasury and taxation matters and providing strategic guidance, forecasts and analytical insight to support business performance. In addition, Ms. Sedgley is responsible for the company’s global facilities.
  • Dhivya Suryadevara Dhivya Suryadevara was named vice president, Finance and Treasurer, on July 1, 2015. In addition to this role, she remains CEO and chief investment officer of GM Asset Management, positions she has held since February 2014 and July 2013, respectively. Her responsibilities include capital planning, capital market activities, worldwide banking and overall strategy and management of GM's pension plans.
  • Antigone Valen Antigone Valen is a student at Princeton University and the Director of the Women in Business Conference.

About this conference

Women make up almost 52% of all professional jobs in the United States, yet only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Forgune 500 CEOs are women. Although women have made significant progress in the business world, we are nowhere near having a true balance between men and women.

Business Today's Women in Business Conference aims to provide female students from all backgrounds with the cost-free opportunity to attend a mentorship-focused conference that helps to develop an understanding of what challengegs women face in the business world and how to overcome them.

About Business Today

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