Women in Business: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

November 14, 2015


Ask Them the Tough Questions

Jeri Dunn, the former CIO of Nestle, Bacardi, and Tyson Foods, explains the importance of making sure to ask a lot of questions when interviewing for a new position.

Barriers to Advancement

Anna Sedgley, CFO at Dow Jones, discusses the disparity between men and women entering the work force and more specifically, the data behind the gender gap.

Creating a Culture Around Women at GE

Beth Comstock, Vice Chair for General Electric, describes GE's strategy for creating a culture around women.

Don't Find A Job, Find Career Alignment

Pulin Sanghvi, Executive Director of Princeton Career Services, expresses the need to find alignment and a path forward that is best for an individual over just finding a job. 

How I Learned to Talk

Barbara Byrne, Vice Chairman of Barclays, reflects on the earlier years of her career and the importance of speaking up. 

Is Mentorship Overrated?

Dhivya Suryadevara, Vice President, Finance and Treasurer, CEO and CIO, GM Asset Management, offers her advice on seeking out mentorship.

The Wild West of Startups

Eileen Lee discusses the new changes she helped implement as COO of Venture for America and how startups can be a bit like The Wild West.

About this conference

Women make up almost 52% of all professional jobs in the United States, yet only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Forgune 500 CEOs are women. Although women have made significant progress in the business world, we are nowhere near having a true balance between men and women.

Business Today's Women in Business Conference aims to provide female students from all backgrounds with the cost-free opportunity to attend a mentorship-focused conference that helps to develop an understanding of what challengegs women face in the business world and how to overcome them.

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