WIRED Health Conference: Living By Numbers

October 15 - 16, 2012


Monday, October 15

4:00 pm EDT Wired Health Conference: Welcome Remarks, Thomas Goetz     Watch On-Demand
4:30 pm EDT Rick Smolan: Wired Health Conference, Power of Big Data     Watch On-Demand
5:00 pm EDT Wired's Gary Wolf & Kevin Kelly Talk the Quantified Self     Watch On-Demand
5:30 pm EDT Michael Graves: Redesigning Products for Better Health     Watch On-Demand

Tuesday, October 16

9:00 am EDT Wired Health Conference: Welcome Remarks, Day Two     Watch On-Demand
9:15 am EDT Craig Venter: Health, Genomics, Research and Power     Watch On-Demand
9:40 am EDT Eric Topol: Information into Action at Wired Health     Watch On-Demand
10:00 am EDT Stephen Wolfram: The Great Connection Hub & Diagnosis     Watch On-Demand
10:30 am EDT Alan Greene of Scanadu: A New Way to Measure Health     Watch On-Demand
11:20 am EDT Yulun Wang: Meet Dr. Roboto, Your New Bedside Caregiver     Watch On-Demand
11:30 am EDT GE's Healthymagination: Better Tools Make Better Health     Watch On-Demand
12:00 pm EDT MIT's Biomedical Innovation: Disrupting Drug Design     Watch On-Demand
12:30 pm EDT Kitchen Insider: Google's Plan to Keep Employees Healthy     Watch On-Demand
1:45 pm EDT Wired's Jason Tanz Talks to IBM Scientist Basit Chaudhry     Watch On-Demand
1:50 pm EDT Andy Grove's Clarion Call for Real Healthcare Reform     Watch On-Demand
2:20 pm EDT Rhonda Cornum: How to Create a Strong Army and Society     Watch On-Demand
2:40 pm EDT Nicholas Christakis: How People Networks Impact Health     Watch On-Demand
3:20 pm EDT Anind Dey Builds Healthy Home by Sensing Daily Activity     Watch On-Demand
4:00 pm EDT Nicholas Felton: Collecting 365 Days of My Life's Data     Watch On-Demand
4:30 pm EDT 4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life's Data     Watch On-Demand
5:00 pm EDT Tracking Star: Ashton Eaton, Winner of Olympic Decathlon     Watch On-Demand
5:30 pm EDT Wired Health Conference: Closing Remarks, Thomas Goetz     Watch On-Demand

About this conference

On October 15 and 16 in New York City, WIRED and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will launch a new conversation on the future of healthcare with 200 expert leaders from the worlds of medicine, science, technology, and business.

The WIRED Health Conference: Living By Numbers will deliver a clear, compelling argument that today there is a new opportunity to bring data into real-time decision-making for doctors, researchers, hospitals, and individuals. This combination has the potential to transform people's lives.

The conference will span the gap between healthcare and technology, connecting pioneering researchers with ambitious entrepreneurs. First and foremost, it will be a forum for ideas. Expect new connections, new opportunities, and new insights in how better data is driving us all toward better health.


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