WIRED Data | Life

November 5 - 6, 2013


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4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life's Data

About this conference

The future of healthcare will be built on three pillars-data, technology, and design.

This is what WIRED Data | Life is about-a new health conference for a new age of medicine. Until recently, the metrics that defined our health were the purview of physicians and researchers. But data has jumped the fence. Science quantifies us; we quantify ourselves. As patients, we are getting more information to help us make better decisions about our own health. And we in turn are giving doctors and public health officials more information, allowing them to formulate better approaches to care and treatment. This change is fueled by technology. Omnipresent sensors, sophisticated data crunching and visualization techniques, and simple personal and social tools are forging the path to a healthier future.

During this one and one-third day gathering we will explore the relationship between data, technology, and design in health, always with an eye toward the future. It is a collaborative event designed to stimulate startups, rouse care providers, and inspire health-minded business leaders and individuals alike.


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