Wired Business Conference 2017

June 7, 2017 6:00 AM -
June 7, 2017 2:00 PM


Adapting Apple's Headquarters to the Future

Lord Foster, founder of Foster & Partners who designed the Apple Park headquarters, discusses how it could be future-proofed for rapid changes in technology.

Amazon Is an Artificial Intelligence Company

Amazon SVP of Devices David Limp explains how the company stresses the importance of AI and machine learning in every layer of the business.

Editing Genes for Better Tomatoes

CRISPR-CAS9 co-inventor Jennifer Doudna describes possible benefits to agriculture that come with being able to precisely edit genes of crops.

Google's Special Speech Recognition Computer Chip

Google's Urs Holzle describes the huge challenge to build enough computer capacity to handle the demand for speech recognition just from Android devices.

Medical Automation Will Not Displace Real Doctors

According to Lily Peng, Product Manager at Google Brain, automated medical screening and diagnosis will detect more patients in need of care which will not displace doctors, but increase the need for medical professionals to treat them.

Reaching ISIS Recruits Online Before They Join

Yasmin Green, Director of Research & Development at Jigsaw, lays out their strategy to convince ISIS sympathizers not to join by targeting them with online advertising and information.

Software Makes Electronic Payments More Secure

Visa's Jim McCarthy talks about software control enabling more methods of securing consumers' data and payment accounts.

This Hedge Fund Crowdsources AI Modeling

Numerai founder and CEO Richard Craib recalls how he developed a way to share encrypted hedge fund data to share with data scientists to develop better predictive models.

Essential Phone's Connector-less Future

Essential Products founder Andy Rubin demonstrates an accessory that connects to the Essential Phone with magnets and no cords.

Westworld Is the Conversation We Need to Have

Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy highlights the issues brought up in the show as timely and important to discuss in an era of rapidly advancing technology.

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