WIRED Business Conference 2013: Think Bigger

May 7, 2013
Now is the time for big ideas-ideas that can change the world.


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WIRED Business Conference 2012 --
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About this conference

The future is roaring back to life. Markets, industries, innovation - all are rebounding from one of the worst recessions in history. But the optimism is cautious. We know we are not invincible. We know things need fixing. Now is not the time for small advances and gradual improvements.

Now is the time for big ideas-ideas that can change the world.

Such breakthroughs rarely happen incrementally. They come all at once, often from the least likely places. They are the very definition of disruptive innovation. It takes vision to see them, to participate in them, to harness their potential. It requires a willingness to blow up established products, markets, and companies.

This year's WIRED Business Conference is about hunting big game. It's about sparking revolutionary change. It's about people who are trying to reinvent the building blocks of business and culture. Luckily, new technologies are making this easier than ever. From major corporations to driven individuals, anyone can make a huge difference. Come see how people with wild ambition - and the tenacity to back it up - are changing everything. It's a day guaranteed to make you think bigger.


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