WIRED BizCon 2014

May 13, 2014
9:00 am - 6:00 pm EDT


Amazon Studios Lets Fans Vote For Rule-Breaking TV

Amazon Studios director Roy Price argues that game-changing TV shows come from rule-breaking directors and captive audiences.

Baxter & the Driverless Car: Robots Take Over Our Jobs

Andrew McAfee, co-author of The Second Machine Age, and Rodney Brooks, founder of Rethink Robotics, hypothesize how--for better or worse--robots will take jobs away from the middle class and aging Baby Boomers.

Catherine Mohr: How Nanotechnology Kills Cancer Cells

Surgeon and inventor Catherine Mohr shows how nanotechnology will usher in microscopic medicine, making minimally invasive surgeries simpler.

Chris Dixon: Silk Road & Libertarians Might Ruin Bitcoin

Startup investor Chris Dixon, reviews Bitcoin's bad PR, from Silk Road to right-wing extremists, and describes how politics factors into tech movements.

Clara Shih: 'Corporate-Speak' Won't Work on Social Media

CEO of Hearsay Social Clara Shih, author of The Facebook Era, explains how and why companies can be more "human" and authentic on social media.

Dead Ocean: Plastic Pollution is Worse Than an Oil Spill

Co-Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson describes how 700 million tons of plastic pollution is being broken down into particulate and harming the ocean habitat.

Don't Fear Advertorial: Why 'Explosions' Earn Attention

72andSunny partners John Boiler and Matt Jarvis describe the core of advertising as the intersection of entertainment, technology, and journalism.

Fab Pre-Fab: Green Roofs, Recycled Rain & Smart Homes

Architect Michelle Kaufmann explains how she used a smart, modular homes as an exhibits to show off green systems like living roofs and water recycling.

How to Fail: Flappy Bird Ripoffs & Atari's E.T. Landfill

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell describes how thousands of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" video game cartridges wound up in a landfill, and indie game developer Dong Nguyen, designer of the mobile game Flappy Bird, explains why you can't copy success.

Lawrence Lessig: End of Net Neutrality Spells 'Disaster'

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of the Mayday PAC, explains why the end of net neutrality would make telecom companies unstoppable and break down political and creative diversity.

Punchdrunk: Making a Show as Addictive as Candy Crush

Felix Barrett, founder of Punchdrunk, the theater company behind Sleep No More, explains why today's audiences crave immersive, once in a lifetime experiences and how to bring an analog attitude to the stage.

Self-Hack: Meditation is Silicon Valley's 'New Caffeine'

Dan Harris, ABC News correspondent and author of 10% Happier, shows how attention-destroying Silicon Valley companies are now is engineering enlightenment by practicing meditation.

Sharks & Slam Dunks: Twitter Meets Internet of Things

Glenn Brown, co-creator of Twitter Amplify, shows off how some objects like shark tags, seismographs, and NBA backboard cams can send out tweets.

Silicon Valley Isn't a War Zone: A Startup Reality Check

Motif Investing co-founder Hardeep Walia shares how his "tiger mom" put the stresses of Silicon Valley into perceptive and taught him to do good.

Trash & Treasure: The New 'Kick-Ass' eCommerce at eBay

RJ Pittman, SVP and Chief Product Officer at eBay Marketplaces, shows the surprising "treasure trove" of eBay and argues that the future of retail is aligning a "kick-ass" e-commerce site with what the shoppers want.

Tumblr is the Anti-Facebook, Not the New Myspace

David Karp, Founder & CEO of Tumblr, argues that a "messy" internet feeds creativity better than over-engineered sites like Facebook that make the world "square."

Zuckerberg's Law & Content Shock: Why We're Over-Sharing

Sarah Wood, Founder & COO of Unruly, explains "content shock" and why cats, babies, and celebrities won't always make a video go viral.

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