Ventana Research Business Technology Innovation Summit 2012

November 8, 2012
The Ventana Research Business Technology Innovation Summit 2012 presents insight into the latest technological developments for global business and IT leaders.


Thursday, November 8

9:30 am PST Game-Changing Technology Innovations for Business and IT     Watch On-Demand
What are the game-changing technology innovations that matter to business and IT, and what can we expect to shape the future? This hard-hitting session will unveil new benchmark research on business technology innovation such as cloud, mobile and social computing methods as well as the use of business analytics, big data and business collaboration. You'll learn about true advancements in business applications and what technologies still have yet to show true impact in the industry. The session will provide the business and technology framework for more impactful sessions during the day where the research will provide a center point of factbased dialogue on the technology trends of today and tomorrow.

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
10:30 am PST Blowing the Lid Off of Big Data and Business Analytics     Watch On-Demand
A new wave of business analytics is upon us, and it's blowing the lid of old paradigms. With the explosion of information assets resulting in Big Data and the exponential appetite for metrics and forward looking key indicators such as predictive analytics, companies need to take a different approach. Will analysts step to the foreground as critical leaders of analytics for business or will the much-discussed data scientists come to the rescue? Learn more about critical new research on the next generation of business analytics and how real time data will impact the operational analytics of the future. This session will examine the reality of business and IT now and look ahead to 2013. Gain exclusive insight into the research agenda that will shape the way organizations assess and invest into these two essential business technologies.

Tony Cosentino, VP & Research Director, Business Analytics, Ventana Research
11:00 am PST Dynamic Transformation: The Social and Mobile Revolution     Watch On-Demand
The advent of mobile technology and bring your own device (BYOD) policies are dynamically transforming the computing landscape and effecting how we conduct business. Applications will need to be designed to be compatible with these new standards of performing business. How will your technology change or adapt to this new paradigm of computing? In succession, there is fusion of social media and business collaboration for the enterprise. The result is an opportunity for the workforce to interact and advance to be more productive and, more importantly, truly impactful. This session will provide real-world information on how organizations are applying these technologies effectively. Find out how mobile and social computing technology will change the way we do business, and what will be critical in 2013.

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
11:30 am PST Uncovering the Reality of Innovation in Technology Panel     Watch On-Demand
Industry technology leaders will uncover the best and worse in the reality of use of new technology for business and IT, driving the discussion from real-world experience with new innovations in Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Collaboration and Mobile Technology.

Jim Ericson, Editorial Director of Information Management

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
Tony Cosentino, VP & Research Director, Business Analytics, Ventana Research
Harriet Fryman, World Wide Business Intelligence Product Marketing, IBM
1:15 pm PST The Social Mandate to Power People to Perform     Watch On-Demand

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

The workforce revolution and the desire to optimize the value of the entire employee base has driven a need for a new technological foundation in talent management. For decades, HR applications have been seen as a necessity. Today these applications are evolving into progressive, collaborative technologies that enable the entire workforce - a 'power to the people' of sorts, leaping ahead to meet the human capital management and overall business mission. At the same time, marketing the brand of a company to hire, engage and retain talent requires the use of social collaboration and social media. These new communication channels are changing how organizations operate along with how managers and marketing help build a desirable business brand. This dynamic transition has introduced dozens of new concepts and technologies help companies stay connected. This session will provide a foundation for practical and research-based perspective to guide 2013 and the future of how workers and managers will operate.
1:45 pm PST The Dramatic Shift from the Ground to Cloud Computing     Watch On-Demand
The advent of cloud computing and the technology model of software as a service (SaaS) or utility computing is well underway. Cloud computing is becoming rapidly more important as the preferred computing method. Now, as a new generation of opportunity for business is being seized, the risk of imbalance seems unavoidable. With multiple applications and little connectivity across them, the move to the cloud introduces a new challenge in the data management. With data spread across cloud computing providers, an ever-increasing demand for analytics is introducing new challenges for management and analysts to respond quickly to business opportunities and issues alike. This session will bring forth implications of the "quick and easy sign up" and the true expense of cloud computing, revealing the what lies ahead for the use of cloud computing and the impact it will have on every organization in 2013 and beyond.

Robert Kugel, CFA, SVP & Research Director, Business Practice, Ventana Research
2:15 pm PST Revealing the Golden Opportunity for the Cloud and People     Watch On-Demand
Panelists will discuss the business transformation to a more efficient software model that provides quick access to application for an entire workforce and through out the business. Learn about effective cloud computing strategies and best practices for implementation and data integration.

Mark Willaman, CEO, HRmarketer & SocialEars

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
Robert Kugel, CFA, SVP & Research Director, Business Practice, Ventana Research
Aiaz Kazi, SVP, Technology & Innovation Platform Market Strategy, SAP
3:00 pm PST Mobilizing & Socializing Customer Experience is Job #1     Watch On-Demand
Richard Snow, VP & Research Director, Customer & Call Center Practice, Ventana Research

Has your company experienced the change taking place in customer interactions? Social and mobile technologies have shifted the way we provide customer service. Forward thinking businesses are already making investments to ensure the best level customer satisfaction in every interaction. The most progressive companies have dedicated customer experience management technologies and use mobile and social computing technology to engage their customers real-time. This session will layout strategies to help companies ensure that customers are heard and engaged through the effect us of mobile, social, and collaborative technology. Learn how to optimize customer interactions through the use of a range of analytics and build a roadmap for 2013.
3:30 pm PST Divide or Conquer? Excellence in Unifying Finance & Sales     Watch On-Demand

Robert Kugel, CFA, SVP & Research Director, Business Practice, Ventana Research

Can finance and sales work together in a collaborative manner to achieve a common goal of revenue growth and efficiency? Unfortunately, scattered information, separate systems and spreadsheets impede this opportunity. Change is on the horizon. The use of cloud computing and mobile technology can help to create cross-functional teams to improve the bottom line. New shared applications can dramatically enhance operations through a unified planning and analytics. When companies see the benefits of maturing sales and financial processes through new cloud computing applications and technology, they see the opportunity to act swiftly as well. Learn how innovative companies can move beyond slow quarterly perspectives to an agile enterprise that operates anywhere at anytime. Practice research and experience come together with the future of finance and sales in this session with exclusive insight to research agenda for 2013.
4:00 pm PST Pipe Dream or Possibility? Unified Sales and Finance     Watch On-Demand
Is it possible to deliver best possible customer experience while optimizing sales and financial processes with a myriad of legacy systems and spreadsheets that are being augmented and replaced with new applications in the cloud? Can we actually balance the pressure for margin and customer satisfaction? Panelists will discuss new, smarter methods of unifying applications and information to reach a balance of efficiency and profitability and why new technology investments matter now more than ever.

Cliff Figallo, Curator, SmartData Collective

Richard Snow, VP & Research Director, Customer & Contact Center Practice, Ventana Research
Robert Kugel, CFA, SVP & Research Director, Business Practice, Ventana Research
David Mould, MedeAnalytics
4:45 pm PST Revolution of Technology for Business in 2013 and Beyond     Watch On-Demand

Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

2013 will be a pivotal year for businesses. Companies will need to decide how they will rise to the challenge in both operations and IT. Building upon the summit's sessions and the latest technology innovation research, this session will provide a view of what's on the horizon for research and technology for 2013. Get a glimpse into the future of technology for business and IT, shed light on emerging technologies that are a "must watch and must adopt" and look at technologies that have the potential to become irrelevant or a distraction. With a deep bias towards best practices and competencies to improve the maturity of organizations through the use of information and technology, the closing session of the 10th anniversary Technology Innovation Summit will provide a guide to the next decade of business computing with technology.

About this conference

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Ventana Research's tenth anniversary summit offers a guide on the rapid changes in technology, providing insight into where the industry will go over the next decade and how business and technology leaders can be positioned for success.

Learn from our expert industry analysts and research team as they share actionable insights from fact-­based research and give guidance on how to leverage technology innovations to improve business. Don't miss the unveiling of the Ventana Research Leadership Awards and new Business Technology Innovation Benchmark Research.

Learn about the latest innovations for the following business technology trends:
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Media & Mobile Technology
  • Human Capital Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Finance & Sales Excellence

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