The Houston Gluten Free Expo

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Eating to Maintain the Healthy Function of the Body

Dr. Osborne, clinical director of Town Center Wellness, discusses the corrosive effect poor nutrition has on the body, and he offers a solution for combating food disease and malnutrition.

How to Maintain a Gluten-Free Diet While Traveling

Janet Rinehart, President CSA Houston Celiac Support Group, shares useful tips for maintaining a gluten-free diet while traveling.

Making Healthy Diet Choices: The Paleo Diet

Chef Richard Bradford, Managing Partner of RSB Foods, shares how to make healthy diet choices, and he explains the virtues of the Paleo diet.

The Hidden Universality of Food Allergy

Dr. Russell M. Jaffe, Lab Director of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC, explains how hidden, latent food allergies are pervasive throughout American society.

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About this conference

The Houston Gluten Free Expo is an education seminar for those with chronic allergies and gluten sensitivity. Enjoy live cooking demonstrations, vendors, and education about the gluten free lifestyle.

About Gluten Free Society

The Gluten Free Society is dedicated to helping people identify and deal with gluten sensitivity.

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