The Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in New England

May 6, 2014
9:25 am - 12:30 pm EDT


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About this conference

State and local politicians, especially those whose communities have suffered from the recent spike in extreme weather events, have been far quicker than Congress to embrace and implement meaningful climate change policies. Are these case studies and pockets of success enough to achieve broad-scale climate action in the coming years? What will it take to bring climate change to the forefront of policy debates? Will future candidates for public office shy away from climate policy, or will it become a key issue in upcoming elections?

On Tuesday, May 6, The New Republic and The League of Women Voters will host The Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in New England at The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College. The program will address the current state of climate policy at the federal, state, and local level and the role climate will play in future political campaigns and agendas.

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