The Economy Summit 2013

March 13, 2013
9:15 am - 6:00 pm EDT
Paul Volcker and other leading experts tackle the big economic issues: debt and the road to recovery


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About this conference

The "Great Recession" has prompted professors, policymakers, and pundits to take positions on the health of the U.S. economy and the cause of the crisis. Some experts believe that we are on a road to recovery, but a major question remains to be resolved: debt. While many have focused on the negative effects of our national debt, evidence shows that private debt-held by consumers and private businesses alike-may undermine our economy to an even greater degree.

Building upon 2012's successful Economy Summit, The Atlantic will gather today's leading thinkers on debt and the economy for a daylong event. With keynote speaker Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, experts will examine topics like the declining value of the dollar, the merits of deleveraging the U.S. economy through targeted policies, the possibility of new "bubbles" forming in healthcare, education, and other industries, and the road to recovery.

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