The Clean-Tech Investor Summit 2013

February 6 - 7, 2013


Better Place: Is Battery Life Killing the Electric Car?

Shai Agassi, the founder and former CEO of Better Place, looks at what the range and affordability of batteries means for electric cars.

Blackout: Storm and Cyber Threats to the Electric Grid

David Sandalow, acting undersecretary at U.S. Department of Energy, warns of possible threats to the country's energy grid, drawing examples from Hurricane Sandy and the Super Bowl power outage. 

Boosting Wind Power: Ultracapacitors in Wind Turbines

CEO of Maxwell Technologies David Schramm talks about the use of ultracapacitors in alternative energy sources such as wind power and how they make wind turbines safer and easier to manage.

Electric Road Trip: Tesla's Supercharger Network

Co-Founder and chief technology officer of Tesla Motors JB Straubel discusses building charging stations and the new range of the electric car.

Energy Policy Debate: Natural Gas vs. Alternative Energy

Former U.S. Senator from New Mexico Jeff Bingaman describes how the focus in energy policy went from clean energy to shale and natural gas, heightening partisan politics. 

Off the Grid: Meeting the Demands on Solar Energy

CEO of First Solar James Hughes shows what First Solar is doing to deliver solar power over scalable markets.

IPO Forecast: How Hurricane Sandy Stalled Solar Power

Lydone Rive talks about  taking risks with clean energy and how the stock market launch of his solar power company, SolarCity, got rained out.

Meter Minded: How Analytics Chart Energy Demand

C3 CEO Tom Siebel describes the effort his company made to  use data, from warehouses to weather, to reduce energy consumption. 

Silicon Valley Meets Detroit: Clean Tech at Tesla Motors

Ira Ehrenpreis, general manager for Technology Partners,  lists what the clean-technology industry can learn from electric vehicle pioneer Tesla Motors.

Smart Lighting: A Future Illuminated by LED Technology

Bill Watkins, CEO of BridgeLux, talks about how innovators in lighting technology are working towards energy efficiency and driving LEDs faster.

Solar Incentive: Government and the Innovation Ecosystem

Ernie Moniz, director of the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at MIT, asks Google's director of Energy Initiatives Arun Majumdar what government can do to make solar power a global industry.

Solar Philanthropy: End Energy Poverty with Solar Power

Ahmad Chatila, President & CEO of MEMC Electronic Materials, explains how businesses can use solar energy to aid a quarter of the world's population--1.5 billion people--living without electricity.

Shortage or Surplus? Resetting the Energy Outlook

Donald Paul, executive director of the USC Energy Institute, and John McDonald, vice president of Chevron, discuss the politics of going from an "energy short" to an "energy long"  mindset in America.

What Makes a Good Clean Energy Investment?

Managing Director for Riverstone Holdings discusses what makes a good clean-tech investment for private equity firms versus what doesn't. 

About this conference

The Clean-Tech Investor Summit chaired by Technology Partners' Ira Ehrenpreis and produced by International Business Forum, is the premier clean-tech investment and innovation summit of the year. Held each winter in Palm Springs, CA, the event brings together leading investors, Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and service providers for two days of high-level presentations, conversations, and networking. Hosting a national audience at this destination location has fostered the optimal networking experience.

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