Tales From Two Cities: Writing From California - SF

October 4 - 5, 2013


The passing reflections in the side of the piano

Leah Garchik previews the San Francisco Public Library session, a conversation between L.A. Times book critic David Ulin and SF fiction writer Armistead Maupin. more ››

San Francisco Chronicle
Conference will examine-state's literary identity

"Insularity might be the one thing San Francisco and writing communities generally have most in common. Once we belong, we have everything we need: a beautiful place with a rich culture, an audience to both support and inspire." more ››

San Francisco Chronicle
Maupin's final tale for The City

"'I knew I wasn't going to be able to wrap things up because life doesn't wrap things up at any given moment,' [Armistead] Maupin adds. 'But I wanted a few satisfying tying up at the ends. I'm dealing with perhaps the most popular character, so I wanted to treat her with as much respect as possible.'" more ››

SF Examiner


Tales From Two Cities: Famous Writers from California

"From the 19th century Spanish viceroyalty of Alta to the modern day Golden State, the rich literary tradition of California stretches back over 200 years." more ››


About this conference

Two free conferences examining the literature of Alta, California, north and south - from immigration to innovation, from the desert to the coast. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, print and digital: It's all part of how California defines itself, going back to the earliest days. Regional distinctions are important, but most essential is the idea of California as a state with a culture and aesthetic all its own. What is our sensibility? How does the literature of California tell us who we are?

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