Startup Product Summit SF2

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About this conference

Startup Product Summit is a community-driven conference dedicated to the pursuit of product excellence.

Creating brilliant products is a group effort. It takes designers, developers, marketers - really, everyone in the product ecosystem. Startup Product Summit is the premiere place to gain valuable insights from product stars that have been in the trenches and have the battle scars to prove it.

The single-track, lightning-talk format is designed to keep everyone in the same room, taking part in the same conversation.

This is the event for people who are passionate about product and want to:
  • learn how to manage products,
  • find like-minded professionals and mentors,
  • learn from the mistakes of others,
  • get perspectives outside of their domain,
  • acquire tools to forward their product at every stage of the product lifecycle,
  • hone their craft for managing products across disciplines,
  • discover the latest innovations and methodologies, and
  • forward their careers.

About Startup Product

Startup Product is a movement for product excellence.

Startup Product welcomes everyone passionate about product excellence, regardless of title, industry, or stage of growth, to come together to share, learn and talk about what it really takes to produce products that people love and how to build sustainable businesses and revenue streams based on product excellence.

There is a lifecycle that every product, startup, idea and project passes through to be realized. Focusing on where the product is in its lifecycle enables a conversation that brings us all together on what will serve the product most to arrive at product/market fit, scale, sustain growth, and generate revenue streams.

Startup Product provides a holistic view of product and a strategic foundation for innovative approaches across disciplines.

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