Social Innovation Summit 2011

November 30, 2011


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About this conference

Silicon Valley has a long history of developing and funding cutting-edge technologies. Today, those same minds are applying their ideas to solving some of the biggest social challenges of our time, with the support of innovative tools, financial assets, and unique partnerships.

The Social Innovation Summit is a private, invitation-only forum that will explore those ideas - what's next? - but also the tools and business innovations that are effecting social transformation across the corporate, investment, government, and non-profit sectors. Attendees will include hundreds of Fortune 500 Corporate Executives, Venture Capitalists, Government Leaders, Emerging Market Investors, Foundation Heads and Social Entrepreneurs eager to discuss social challenges, analyze innovative approaches for problem-solving and build lasting partnerships that enable them and their organizations to affect positive social change.

About Social Innovation Summit

Presented by Landmark Ventures, The Social Innovation Summit brings together top executives and thought leaders from around the globe to discuss opportunities for leveraging technology & innovation to affect social change. Attendees discuss philanthropic trends and analyze innovative approaches for problem solving.

The Summit promotes the building of lasting partnerships that enable organizations to discover new means of engaging with social challenges.

For more information, visit: Social Innovation Summit

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