Science and Nonduality Conference 2011

October 20-23, 2011
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  • About this conference

    SAND 2011 is a journey and exploration of the nature of awareness from the perspective of modern science, ancient traditions, philosophy, phenomenology, psychology and direct experience. Hear presentations of world-renowned quantum physicists, scientists, lecturers and authors like John Hagelin, Stanislav Grof, Lynne McTaggart, Fred Alan Wolf, Menas Kafatos, Gangaji, Rupert Spira, David Peat, Dean Radin, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Jeff Foster and many more, over this four-day conference.

    The theme which we will be exploring this year is Time. What is time and does it really exist? Linear, nonlinear time, eternal now, infinity… SAND 2011 will be an exploration of the concept and paradox of time from the perspective of modern science, ancient traditions, philosophy, phenomenology, psychology and of course direct experience.

    About Science and Nonduality

    The Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) is a yearly event in the United States and now in Europe, where leading scientists, philosophers and teachers gather to explore a new understanding of who we are, both as individuals and as a society.

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