Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2012

April 20 - 21, 2012


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About this conference

2012 will be the third Commons Congress. Sage Bionetworks is in its fourth year and is deep into the transition from non-profit start-up to a provider of fundamental new infrastructure for network biology. The first part of the Congress will focus on this transition and the progress to date on how early investments in technical and legal data sharing platforms are beginning to pay off in faster science, increased patient engagement, and disruptive projects that can shake up the entire pharmaceutical industry. The second part will review activities and opportunities in ongoing pilots and projects. The third part will highlight emerging projects designed to shift sharing behaviors in drug development (Arch2POCM) and in disrupting the current medical-industrial social value chain.  The concluding part four will be a community effort to look at what is required to move beyond the current medical information system and its rewards.

About Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks was formed as a strategic nonprofit research organization with a mission to coordinate and link academic and commercial biomedical researchers through a Commons that represents a new paradigm for genomics intellectual property, researcher cooperation, and contributor-evolved resources.

We are located on the campus of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington and are supported through a portfolio of philanthropic donations, competitive research grants, and commercial partnerships.

For more information, visit: