On the Board: Advancing Women's Corporate Board Leadership

February 21, 2013


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About this conference

GWSB, in partnership with the IWF, is proud to launch On the Board, the first-ever of its kind, globally focused, comprehensive training and placement program for the world's top female talent. Representing a powerful cohort of high-potential 21st-century leadership, On the Board is an initiative whose time has come.

For the last 10 years, growth in the percentage of women on corporate boards has stalled. Today women hold roughly 16 percent of Fortune 500 board seats, an increase of just three percent since 2003.

Join us for a day that explores the reasons for this stagnation, On the Board's role in shifting the gender balance, and why expanding the participation of women in corporate governance is better for business and better for society.

Launch Event Elements:
  • Speakers and panelists from Fortune 500 corporate boards, global stock exchanges, and the U.S.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Introduction of the inaugural class of 15 On the Board Fellows, a select group of female
  • executives chosen on the basis of their leadership achievements and potential to rise to serve as
  • effective board directors
  • Short and long-form talks with moderated panels and audience question-and-answer sessions
  • Live webcast discussion with experts from stock exchanges around the world
  • Networking with 250+ attendees from private industry, academia, government and media

About George Washington University School of Business

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We believe it's time for business to re-embed itself in global society to create positive, sustainable change. And we believe there is no business school better positioned to lead this movement than the George Washington University School of Business.

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