NewsCred #ThinkContent Summit 2015

May 14, 2015


Be Essential to Your Clients to Create Advocacy

Ben Edwards, Vice President of Global Digital MArketing for IBM, discusses the success of the Made with IBM campaign and how being essential to your clients automatically creates brand advocacy.

Becoming a Champion of Inclusivity

Matt Bruhn, Global Brand Director for Diageo, discusses successful campaigns that captured the millennial value of inclusivity.  

Buzzfeed's Ze Frank: Why Do We Share?

Ze Frank, President of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, examines what compels us to share content.

Design Seamless Brand Experiences Across Digital Devices

MasterCard's Jill Cress outlines new marketing strategies that span the variety of ways people consume content across new digital devices.

Don't Be Afraid To Say You're Sorry

Chief Marketing and Brand Officer of Chobani, Peter McGuiness, talks about the importance of being able to say sorry when you've made a mistake. 

Intel's Spider Dress: Proof Big Data Isn't Enough

Luke Kintigh, Global Content and Media Strategist for Intel, advises not to rely on big data for innovative content creation.

Doug Carrillo on the Secrets of Virgin's Brand Values

Doug Carillo, VP of Marketing and Sales for Virgin Hotels, explains the values that make the Virgin brand. 

Marketing Must Adapt to the New Social Media World

Michael Brenner describes the new environment created by social media and the challenge to connect with consumers in the digital media world.

The Divide Between Ads and Content Is Unsustainable

Andrew Essex notes that the dialectic between editorial content and advertising is unsustainable in an environment of abundant output.

Xerox Shifts Brand Perception with Native Ads

Barbara Basney, head of advertising at Xerox, shows the impact of a native advertising campaign on that heightened awareness of the brand's business services.

About this conference

How do you tell amazing stories that inspire your audience and turn passive consumers into brand advocates? How do you leverage the latest technology to create personalized content at scale while proving ROI? At NewsCred's third-annual #ThinkContent Summit, you'll learn how the world's leading brands are intersecting creativity with technology to define the future of storytelling.

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