L2 Clinic: Mobile 2012

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FROM L2 MOBILE 2011: How Gen Y Differ in Their Mobile Practices

About this conference

In Q4 2010, smartphone shipments overtook those of PCs for the first time. Throughout 2011, we saw traffic from non-PC devices in the U.S. grow to seven percent of all digital traffic, fueled by the adoption of tablets. And last month, PayPal data revealed a four-fold (371 percent) increase in the number of customers shopping through mobile devices on Black Friday.

Accordingly, the conversation among marketers has shifted from anticipating the impact of mobile technology to reacting to the ways by which the mobile population is challenging traditional norms governing consumer behavior.

In January, L2 will release its first Prestige 100®: Mobile IQ Index, profiling the mobile efforts of 100 leading brands across five distinct industries: Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion, Hospitality, Luxury Retail, and Watches & Jewelry.

In this Clinic, we explore the most critical trends in the mobile space. Topics include implementation of mobile payment systems, augmented consumerism, mobile advertising, the impact of HTML5, and associated case studies.

About L2

L2 is a think tank for digital innovation. We are a membership organization that brings together thought leadership from academia and industry to help brands navigate the changing digital landscape. Drawing from our proprietary Digital IQ Index® research, best practices, and emerging trends, L2 distills this intellectual capital and makes it actionable for our members.

For more information, visit L2ThinkTank.com