L2 Innovation Forum 2012

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The Forum, presented by L2 and the NYU School of Business, addresses how innovations in digital marketing impact prestige brands

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Social Media is Disrupting Rigid Demographic Marketing

Johanna Blakley, Deputy Director of the Norman Lear Center, describes how new media is disrupting how marketers target consumers by identity and demographic categories. Blakley declares that social media will dismantle the rigid stereotypes of the old model of advertising.

Your Susceptibility Is Related to Your Dating Status

Sinan Aral, Assistant Professor of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences, NYU Stern, explains the correlation between people's susceptibility to influence from their peers and listing their dating status on Facebook.  

Moral Psychology: Best Hope for Political Compromise?

NYU Stern professor Jonathan Haidt illustrates the America's growing federal deficit. Comparing it to the threat of natural disaster, Haidt makes the argument that both political parties have abandoned moral logic by failing to address compounding risks. 

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Take Out the Earbuds: Have We Lost Our Ability to Listen?

About this conference

On November 7, L2 and NYU School of Business will host their fourth-annual Innovation Forum at The Morgan Library in New York City. Expanded this year to two days, the Forum will address innovation in digital marketing and implications for prestige brands. L2 forums are the largest gatherings of prestige professionals in North America, drawing top marketing and digital talent from brands, agencies, and media, as well as innovators and academics.

About L2

L2 is a think tank for digital innovation. We are a membership organization that brings together thought leadership from academia and industry to help brands navigate the changing digital landscape. Drawing from our proprietary Digital IQ Index® research, best practices, and emerging trends, L2 distills this intellectual capital and makes it actionable for our members.

For more information, visit L2ThinkTank.com