Inventing the Future of Health: New York City

October 15, 2015
9:00 - 11:15 am EDT


Thursday, October 15

9:00 am EDT Opening Remarks - Inventing the Future of Health: New York City     Watch On-Demand
  • Emily Akhtarzandi, Managing Director, AtlanticLIVE
9:05 am EDT Dispatches from the Data Frontier     Watch On-Demand
  • Christopher Boone, CEO, Health Data Consortium
  • Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDVentures
  • Alan Pollard, CEO, Vitality Group
  • With Steve Clemons, Washington Editor at Large, The Atlantic
10:00 am EDT Sponsor Content: "Connecting the Dots with Data," Presented by BCBSA     Watch On-Demand
  • Maureen Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, and Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • With Kevin Goldman, Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Global Head, Media Practice, APCO Worldwide
10:15 am EDT When Patients Become Users     Watch On-Demand
With the rise of mobile technology, supercomputing and more, collecting health data is easy. Figuring out what to do with it—and who owns it—is much harder. It's a problem confronting health professionals, business leaders and technologically-empowered patients seeking to understand their health information. What questions are we asking of health data now - and what's next? How will this extraordinary amount of information ultimately affect the everyday rhythms of patients, doctors, hospitals and more?
  • Leonard Kish, Principal, VivaPhi
  • Ryan Panchadsaram, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Executive Office of the President
  • Ashish Atreja, Director of Sinai AppLab and Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer, Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Katherine Hempstead, Director of Health Insurance Coverage, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • With Mary Louise Kelly, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic
11:10 am EDT Closing Remarks - Inventing the Future of Health: New York City     Watch On-Demand
  • Emily Akhtarzandi, Managing Director, AtlanticLIVE

About this conference

The exponential growth of medical data in the U.S is the result, in part, of the national commitment to health IT and electronic medical records, support among doctors for evidence-based medicine and demands from consumers that their personal data help inform their care. But our ability to collect data has outpaced our ability to generate new intelligence from the data. How are companies and institutions making sense of big data to arrive at better outcomes across the health system? How is the business sector leveraging healthcare data to improve employee health and their bottom line? How do doctors and patients take advantage of the data to improve results?

The Atlantic will host a town hall event, convening a group of entrepreneurs, doctors, researchers, business leaders and patient advocates to discuss what truly data-driven health care will look like - and how it could lead to a healthier population and economy.

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