INTX 2016: Imagine Park

May 16 - 18, 2016


  • Monday, May 16
  • Tuesday, May 17
  • Wednesday, May 18
With "data science" officially upgraded to the "sexiest job of the 21st century" (according to the Harvard Business Review, anyway), it's clear that something hot is going on with information and analytics. This session kicks off with fresh research from PwC about consumer video behavior, as well as a new framework for valuing TV content. On the care front, see a before-and-after customer care experience that illustrates how analytics can transform call center interactions -- and build/rebuild customer loyalty. Over in the land of the Internet of Things, see how data analysis can secure customer data and keep it safe from would-be digital interlopers. Plus: Don't dismiss the well-intentioned QR code just yet! Two industry veteran technologists reveal a new application of the QR code for television, and no, you don't have to fiddle with your phone to find the app that makes it happen.

Ted Hartson, Symbolshifters LLC
Walt Ciciora, Symbolshifters LLC
"Collateral Linkage and the Digital DogTag"

Chris Menier, Guavus
"Raising the Bar on Customer Experience: Contextual and Self-Care Solutions for Call Centers"

JT Taylor, Cisco
"Connected Analytics & Security: Thwarting the Malicious Malcontents"

PwC: Speakers to be announced

Leslie Ellis, Independent Technology Columnist, Ellis Edits Inc.
Never a dull moment in the world of wireless! This action-packed segment reveals the latest in the scuffle over LTE-U (the mobile industry's lingo for "Long Term Evolution" in the "Unlicensed" bands), and whether the recent adoption of "Listen Before Talk" to the 3GPP specification will ease its potential to disrupt the world's Wi-Fi connections -- as well as the status of proposed solutions like LWA and MulteFire. On the Wi-Fi front, see a new way for ISPs to make sure their customers stay connected to the best possible signal, of all available. Plus: Learn the latest in intelligent voice agents and user adoption. All this plus the latest trends and strategies in the FCC Spectrum Auctions, and how diversity in wireless innovation is making serious waves of change!

Dave Wright, Ruckus Wireless
"LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum: Proposal and What They Mean to MSOs"

Doug Fantuzzi, Amdocs
"An Imagine Park Exclusive: New Seamless Wi-Fi Traffic Steering - a Proof of Concept for MSOs to Provide Optimal QoE to On-the-Move Customers"

Scott Lippstreu, Deloitte
"Breaking Through in the Device Dominated, On Demand World"

Rahsaan Harris
"Diversity that Spurs Innovation"

Sam Vasisht, MindMeld
"Intelligent Voice for the Connected Home"

Leslie Ellis, Independent Technology Columnist, Ellis Edits Inc.
Quite possibly the most action-packed Imagine Park session ever, bursting with cool stuff -- like real-time recognition and analysis of faces and emotions in video, and the latest in the intersection of smart watches, and TV. Haven't heard of OpenGL, not to mention GPUs -- or, haven't thought about their applicability outside of video game development? Guess again, in this visually rich demo of openGL for TV-specific applications. Plus: See the power of the human voice in controlling all of your stuff -- with the TV as the hub -- and the pros and cons of a natural language interface to the smart home.

Anna Roth, Microsoft
"Facial & Emotional Recognition and Analysis for Video"

Andrew Maclusky, Digiflare
Soha Mohiuddin, Digiflare
"Building your OTT app in 72 hours"

Stuart Russell, You.I.TV
"OpenGL GPUs Are No Longer Optional - They're The Future of TV Interfaces"

Kenn Harper, Nuance Communications
"The Television Was Our Lens into the Internet of Things - Now It's Our Foundation"

Gary Arlen, President, Arlen Communications LLC

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