Innovative Investing Symposium 2013

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Join top crowdfunding platform leaders as they share best practices on how to create successful crowdfunding projects from concept to campaign, and pitfalls to avoid.


Friday, April 5

9:00 am EDT Crowdfund Regulatory Landscape Under The JOBS Act     Watch On-Demand
Crowdfund Regulatory Landscape Under The JOBS Act
10:00 am EDT Optimal Outcomes For The Equity Crowdfunding Investor     Watch On-Demand
Optimal Outcomes For The Equity Crowdfunding Investor and How to Get There
3:00 am EDT Crowd Fund Fortunes Current and Past Successes Shared     Watch On-Demand
Crowd Fund Fortunes Current and Past Successes Shared
12:00 pm EDT Ecosystems Embracing Crowd Funding     Watch On-Demand
Ecosystems Embracing Crowd Funding
1:00 pm EDT Growth Markets, Expansion, 2013 Trends     Watch On-Demand
Growth Markets, Expansion, 2013 Trends

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About this conference

For investors, this workshop provides insights into potential opportunities to support innovative projects and how to adapt this model to institutional investment management.

We're delighted to bring you The Soho Loft Innovative Investing Symposium 2013, a four-track event that is part of Thomson Reuters PartnerConnect 2013 network of events in Boston on April 3-5, the largest event produced by Thomson Reuters for investors.

Thomson Reuters conferences on venture equity investing and funds management, organized by the editors of peHUB, VC Journal, HedgeWorld and Buyouts Magazine, bring together the most compelling content, information and networking opportunities in the investment industry.

More than 2,000 financial investors will attend Thomson Reuters PartnerConnect for an experience designed to address the most important financial trends reshaping society, thereby stimulating demand for innovative financial products and services.

About Crowd Fund Fortunes

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events ("TSL") is a global events platform that strives to promote and advance strategic and diligent mainstream and alternative investing for start-up entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. TSL seeks to provide relevant education and visionary leadership training in the areas of capital formation, crowd funding, angel networking, non-conventional funding, eb5 green card programs, micro-finance, venture capital, private equity and hedge funds. All creative investing solutions are focused in allowing the start-ups and SMEs to optimize all opportunities to grow their business through product/service/market/human resource innovation while seeking to do so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. All of which are directed to creating a new path to socio-economic prosperity.

David Drake, Founder and Chairman of TSL, a subsidiary of LDJ Capital, has founded the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) towards these goals. He was also a member of the U.S. Commerce Department's delegation to Brussels and Rome where he met with European Ministers and national legislators at the Transatlantic Economic Council forum last July 2012. Overall, TSL's mission is to bring global awareness and develop infrastructure to facilitate the country’s capital formation, innovation and job creation. As such, The Soho Loft operates as the leading global corporate strategy adviser on financial and economic policy including, but not limited to, capital access and capital formation strategies for corporations and governments.

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