Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2012

November 16 - 17, 2012
The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2012 brings together the greatest thinkers and influential policy makers of the 21st century to discuss, debate, and discover the major challenges facing humanity.


Friday, November 16

10:00 am IST Shinawatra: Future of South East Asia & India Relations     Watch On-Demand
10:45 am IST The World's Bottom Billion: What Needs To Be Done     Watch On-Demand
11:45 am IST Cohen, Aiyar & Doval: Securing South Asia     Watch On-Demand
12:30 pm IST Confronting Cancer: A Fight We Can Win     Watch On-Demand
2:15 pm IST Future of the Global Economy: Optimism or Pessimism?     Watch On-Demand
3:15 pm IST Spreading the Passion of Cricket     Watch On-Demand
4:10 pm IST Shah Rukh Khan & Katrina Kaif Speak with Vir Sanghvi     Watch On-Demand
5:13 pm IST Reinventing Fire: Bold Solutions for the New Energy Era     Watch On-Demand

Saturday, November 17

9:48 am IST President Musharraf: Uniting South Asia: The Way Forward     Watch On-Demand
10:54 am IST Growing Ivy Leagues: Building Quality in Indian Education     Watch On-Demand
11:45 am IST What India Needs: Perspectives from Young Leaders     Watch On-Demand
12:30 pm IST Dr. Ram Charan: Leadership in Economic Uncertainty     Watch On-Demand
2:15 pm IST The Summit Debate: The Future Belongs To India, Not China     Watch On-Demand
3:30 pm IST J. Craig Venter: The Software of Life     Watch On-Demand
4:30 pm IST Making Megacities Cope     Watch On-Demand
5:26 pm IST Boris Becker In Conversation with Vir Sanghvi     Watch On-Demand

About this conference

We are living in challenging times. The persisting economic crisis, the clamour for change in various regions, the increasing threat to the environment, exploding urban centres...there are issues that require debates and resolutions. Equally, there has been amazing progress in various fields. Today, the world finds itself at a crossroads. In these times, we must gaze to the future and to what lies ahead. We must determine where we are going and how best to get there. The tenth edition of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit aims to bring to light a few of the challenges which will define the coming decade. We are bringing together some of the greatest thinkers and influential policy makers of the age to discuss, debate, and discover "What's Next".

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