Health Care Forum 2014

March 27, 2014


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About this conference

In 2013, health care reform went from talking point to tangible policy as the implementation of Obamacare aims to make universal health coverage a reality in the United States. But it's a reality accompanied by obstacles-both political and technological-at every turn, and its ultimate impact on the health of those it intends to serve remains far from clear.

Despite the political dialogue surrounding health care on the Hill, attention must also be paid to the fundamental questions underlying health care reform: What changes are necessary to improve the quality of America's health care system? Are medical professionals and facilities meeting the needs of their patients? What investments in health care technology can transform quality of care? How can we direct efforts toward preventive health in order to offset later costs?

To delve further into these questions, The Atlantic will bring together a robust group of experts in medicine, public health, policy, and finance to examine the condition of the nation's health care and prescribe policies for its improvement.

About The Atlantic

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