GSummit San Francisco 2014

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Join SuperBetter inventor Jane McGonigal, Stanford's Dr. BJ Fogg and more than 50 speakers from companies such as Amazon, Delta, Google, IBM, JetBlue, Mazda, Oracle, Opower, and Verizon Wireless.

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Monopoly on Loyalty: Big Brands Suck Up Return Customers

Bill Hanifin, Managing Director of Hanifin Loyalty, explains how top companies like Walmart rely on loyalty marketing to hook shoppers and trouble the competition.

Gabe Zichermann: Fun Makes Hookups and Workouts More Fun

Gabe Zichermann, CEO of Gamification Co. and Dopamine, shows how mobile app Tinder is turning dating into a game and how fun is making us healthy.

B.J. Fogg's Behavior Model: Surfing the Motivation Wave

Dr. B.J. Fogg, Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University, explains how businesses can ride the "motivation wave" to help users do what they already want to do. 

Livecube's Pro Tips on How to Trend on Twitter

Aaron Price, co-founder of Livecube, describes how the app organizes interactivity and hashtags on Twitter and makes marketing fun and instant-on.

Jane McGonigal: Playing Tetris Prevents PTSD, Flashbacks

Jane McGonigal, inventor of SuperBetter, describes the academic "firewall" around games and one controversial study that found playing Tetris within six hours after trauma can prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Nir Eyal: Why Depressed People Check Their Email More

Nir Eyal, founder of and author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, explains why negative emotions and boredom make us turn to technology and sites like Facebook.

You Can't Win With Anti-Vaxxers, Climate Change Deniers

Cognitive neuroscientist Andrea Kuszewski explains the ingroup/outgroup bias that makes it difficult to change people's beliefs and behaviors even when supported by facts.

Dopamine vs. Godzilla: Game Your Brain to Reach Goals

XEOPlay President Nicole Lazzaro explains how to use gamification thinking to conquer hills and challenges by completing life's levels, bit by bit.

Five GSummits: From Crazy Idea to Gamified Community

Gabe Zichermann, Founder of, reflects on the history and journey that led up to the fifth GSummit.

Health Apps Like MyFitnessPal Bankrupt Weight Watchers

Brian Burke, Research Vice President at Gartner, shows how Weight Watchers' stock price and membership dropped after fitness monitors and apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal launched.

Deceptive Design: Guilt, Throffers, and Zuckerberging

Matt Danna, Head of Product at Fullscreen, gives examples of how companies use deceptive UI design, like Amazon's "throffers" and "Zuckerberging" privacy settings, to be intentionally difficult.

Everything Is Clickable: iBeacon Maps Your Every Move

Robert Tercek, president of Creative Visions Foundation, describes the "physical graph," which uses geolocation technology like iBeacons to monitor shoppers proximity and interactions.

Gamify Productivity: 70% of Knowledge Workers Don't Care

Phaedra Boinodiris, Serious Games program manager at IBM, explains how today's workforce stays motivated with self-direction and mastery.

Game Flow: Hitting a Sweet Spot Between Boredom and Rage

Chief Scientist for Lithium Dr. Michael Wu explains how "baby steps" and flow, the sweet spot between boredom and frustration, makes a game addictive. 

Get 'Em Hooked! Selling Gamification Like a Drug Dealer

Gamification guru Monica Cornetti explains how to add "sizzle" to low-tech gamification and hook addicts like a drug dealer.

Loneliness is Normal: 'Social Snacking' Drains Happiness

Stella Grizont, founder of WOOPAAH, explains why the "loneliness epidemic" is normal but social snacking, especially weak ties within online communities like Facebook, is leaving us unhappy and malnourished.

Pay For Play: Amazon's Advice to Game Developers

Peter Heinrich, Developer Evangelist for Amazon, shows designers how to get the most out of app stores and mobile games.

XPRIZE: What's Cooler Than a Million Dollars? Spaceships

Eileen Bartholomew, SVP of Prizes at XPRIZE, describes how competitions encourage breakthrough technology by promising of big sums of money and big adventure.

Badgeville: Gamification Answers the 'Why' Questions

Tony Ventrice, Games System Designer for Badgeville, breaks down validation and reward, the two desires of everyone trying to do right.

Unlearn the Past: Switching From Efficient to Responsive

Ankit Shah, Behavior Strategy and Consulting Lead at Dopamine, describes the switch from models of efficiency to responsiveness and why businesses are entering a new "agile age" of experimentation.

The New High Score: Foldit, Minecraft, and Kickstarter

Shufflebrain Creative Direcotr Amy Jo Kim shows how sites like Foldit, Minecraft, and Kickstarter are bringing teamwork and co-op gaming to a new level.

Schools Use Gamification, iPads to Level Up Students

Bron Stuckey, Director of Innovative Educational Ideas, show how a science teacher used gamification techniques on the schools iPads to make learning competitive.

Amazon, Netflix Mine Data, Are Smarter Than Your Boss

Rajat Paharia, Chief Product Officer of Bunchball, explains why mining data like Amazon, Netlfix, and Facebook can spike sales 9% and learning over 373%.

Arbejdsglaede: The Word For Joy at Work

Boeing's Ryan Kleps shows how to pronounce the Scandinavian word for joy at work, "arbejdsglaede."

BeeBlock: How Applebee's Gamified Employee of the Month

 RMH Franchise Corp's Robin Jenkins demos BeeBlock, Applebee's app that uses game mechanic and leader boards to motivate its servers.

Challenge: Gamification of Supermarkets

Roger Sniezek, GM of Loyalty, CRM, and flybuys at Coles Group, talks about the challenges posed in applying gamification principles to the world of supermarkets. 

Deliver the Goods: Game Mechanics Help Brands Go Lean

Creative Director of Fiero Todd Young shows brands how to go lean, by delivering and retaining engagement. 

Finding Data Gems and Why Loyalty is Like a Cruise Ship

Jeff Hawley, Director of the Consumer Experience Group for the Yamaha Corporation of America, explains why gamification is about the story, the trip, before the "big next thing."

Forget the Paperwork: EA Games Rewards FIFA, NFL Fans

Pamela Radford, Senior Director of Global Engagement Marketing at Electronic Arts, shows how EA Games got around paper-work and started small with rewards and swag.

Game of Homes: Fighting Against 'Nasty' Mortgage Deals

Maarten Molenaar, Gamification Hub Manager at Rabobank, describes how gamifying home mortgages made the long process more interactive and educational.

Gamification at Work: Do's and Don't of Employee Rewards

Ross Smith, Director of Test at Skype Division at Microsoft, describes gamification works best when it's used to expand work and core skills.

How Smart Thermostats Will Trick You Into Going Green

Wayne Lin, Senior Director of Product Management for Opower, shows how smart thermostats like Nest use leading questions to prime the users to make green decisions.

Introduction to Delta's Ready, Set, Jet Game

Ponch Orendain, Program Manager of Technology for Delta Airlines, describes Delta's game used to motivate employees.

Loyalty 2.0: A History of Frequent Flyer Miles

How did loyalty get to where it is today? Ian DiTullio, Director of Loyalty Marketing at Air Canada, outlines the history of airline frequent flyer miles and elite programs.

Loyalty Is Irrational: Keeping Up With How We Think

Barry Kirk, VP of Loyalty Strategy at Maritz Motivation, explains why abnormal, irrational brand loyalty programs succeed.

Points, Badges, and Levels Don't Matter. Money Does.

MOGL's founder and CEO Jon Carder explains why saving money, VIP services, and intrinsic motivations are all that matter in gamification.

Prize and Surprise: The Double-Edge Sword of Motivation

Co-founder and CTO of Wikistrat Daniel Green explains how prizes and surprises are a double-edged sword of motivation.

Rule Number One: Make Effing Great TV

Creative Director for Nissan Karl Dunn shares what he's learned from watching Pokémon and why reality TV shows are a "global genre" primed for gamers.

When Bad Gamification Happens to Good Companies

Jeff Berry, Senior Director of Research and Development of Loyalty One, uses Google, Marriott and Zappos as examples to illustrate what bad gamification looks like. 

What's Wrong With Wikipedia? How to Make Editing Fun

Wikipedia Editor Jake Orlowitz explains how the site will help its editors with better design and play.

What Is Scrum? Stand-up Meetings with a 'Gamemaster'

Todd Deery, Communication and Admission at Florida Interactive Entertainment, gives a short list of how a "scrum," a popular gaming tool, works.

What Do Gamers and MMA Fighters Have In Common?

Thomas Fuller, Chief of Engineering at Next Jump, Inc. explains how gamifiaction, like boxing, relies on consistency and intensity.

Verizon: Why a Gamified Team Is a Unified Team

Senior Analyst of Innovation and Gamification at Verizon Wireless William Beegle explains how games forces teams to learn and work together.

Using Gamified Promotions to Land Frequent Flyers

Francisco Schnaas, President Club Premier for Aeromexico, describes how to use gamified promotion to engage frequent flyers.

Tips From Virgin Pulse: How to Gamify Wearable Tech

Shawn LaVana, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Virgin Pulse, shares how feedback, recognition, and reminders bring gamification to wearable technology. 

A Brief History of Gamification

Ethan Mollick, Edward B. and Shirley R. Shils Assistant Professor of Management, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, tells a brief history of gamification.  

We Are What We Play

Guy Halfteck, Founder and CEO of, explains how data derived from gameplay can be used as a predictive indicator of future behavior.  

Engagement Equation Solves Short Attention Span Problem

Comarch's Jerry Filipiak, founder of IsaaCloud, shows how advertisers can use the engagement equation to reach consumers with short attention spans. 

Rocketrip: Earn Points by Saving on Business Travel

Rocketrip founder and CEO Dan Ruch explains how his business saves companies on travel expenses while creating a loyalty program for employees.

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