GSummit San Francisco 2014

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Join SuperBetter inventor Jane McGonigal, Stanford's Dr. BJ Fogg and more than 50 speakers from companies such as Amazon, Delta, Google, IBM, JetBlue, Mazda, Oracle, Opower, and Verizon Wireless.


  • Wednesday, June 11
  • Thursday, June 12
9:00 am PDT The Science of Fun: 3 Ways Games Make the World Happier     Watch On-Demand
Change is hard. Advances in game design and neuroscience can make it easy. Millennium of evolution gives us an amazing system for acquiring behavior good and bad. The rush of positive emotions such as dopamine (reward), endorphin (euphoria), and oxytocin (trust) do daily battle with bad boys such as cortisol (stress). The activities we engage in for these daily battles tune our behavior. The challenge is that the cognitive rational self that sets our goals is not the same brain system that deals out the chemicals that make us feel good. Serious game designers and Gamifciation experts ignore this battle at their peril. Specially designed games can hack your brain to turn vicious cycles into virtus ones to help you lose weight, get smarter, and even fight climate change.

Nicole Lazzaro
President, XEOPlay
9:00 am PDT Delta: Training and Engagement on The Front Line     Watch On-Demand
Do you want to change the way your call center employees are engaged? Is your training boring and outdated? Do your employees moan when they are training?

Learn how the Reservations and Sales division at Delta Air Lines developed a game to address these items. Ready, Set, Jet is the travel game for front line reservation representatives; focusing on job knowledge, customer service and selling skills. In this session, you'll hear how Delta designed and developed the first level of the game in 6 months and included aspects of social gaming, achievements and rewards and learning. And hear what's on the horizon.

Ryan Mizusaki
GM Reservations Tech, Delta Airlines
9:30 am PDT Taking Airline Loyalty Beyond Flight     Watch On-Demand
Club Premier (Aeromexico's loyalty program) has created two experiences that take the airline loyalty experience beyond just flying. Francisco will take us through the journey and design of Premier League and Premier Rally, which were created to increase the frequency of their loyalty program members. Both examples were major successes for Aeromexico and are bar-setting for the airline industry.

Francisco Schnaas
VP Rewards & Travel, Club Premier - Aeromexico, Aeromexico
9:30 am PDT How Applebee's Drives Sales with Gamification     Watch On-Demand
The restaurant industry is notorious for high employee turnover, costing eateries like Applebee's significant time and money for repeated employee recruiting and onboarding. To combat this churn, RMH Franchise Corporation, one of the largest franchisees in the Applebee's system, turned to gamification. The franchise created "Bee Block," a website powered by Bunchball, to drive employee loyalty and engagement. Upon hire, each employee is given a profile complete with a trophy case to honor their accomplishments and a page of leaderboards to see where they stand compared to their peers.

Whilst engaging employees, RMH found they could also increase food and beverage sales with gamified competitions, both within each restaurant and across the franchise. Legacy competitions required restaurant managers to collect and post data manually at the end of the night. The new gamified challenges are automated and broadcast in real-time via leaderboard screens placed throughout select restaurants. RMH has seen great success in the adoption of the program in 111 restaurants so far and plans to expand it throughout all of their 138 Applebee's restaurants this June.

This presentation by Robin Jenkins, Regional Marketing Manager at RMH, will address common challenges faced in the restaurant industry and demonstrate how gamification can be leveraged to drive not only engagement among hourly workers, but also sales, thereby reducing employee turnover costs, strengthening company culture and selling more Cowboy Burgers all the while!

Robin Jenkins
Regional Marketing Manager, RMH Franchise Corporation
10:00 am PDT Engagement and Monetization by Top-Earning Mobile Apps     Watch On-Demand
Amazon is famously metrics-driven and obsessed with customer satisfaction. In its role as a mobile app publisher, it is perfectly positioned to analyze and interpret millions of mobile downloads and in-app purchases, leading to some surprising and intriguing insights into mobile app engagement and monetization. Based on a cohort analysis across mobile app genres, Amazon has identified some characteristics that differentiate the top 50 revenue-generating apps and games in its Amazon Appstore for Android. Here Amazon presents the results of its analysis and suggests conclusions to be drawn with respect to engagement tactics and strategies.

Peter Heinrich
Developer Evangelist, Amazon
10:00 am PDT Mazda Massive Test Drive
To launch the 2014 Mazda3, Mazda Canada and their agency, JWT partnered with Cineplex Odeon theatres and Timeplay to create the world's first dual screen in-cinema driving game that leveraged the mobile accelerometer. Our social driving game turned every phone into a wheel, and every seat in the theatre into the driver's seat for an immersive night race experience. The ultimate goal: getting players to sign up for a real test drive. Mazda, JWT and Timeplay will recreate the driving game for the audience on stage, and show the process from different points of view to showcase how it was created, and explain how gamification impacted the experience.

Chris Page
Group Creative Director, JWT

Aaron Silverberg
VP of Marketing, TimePlay Inc.
10:00 am PDT Gamification and Arbejdsglaede     Watch On-Demand
You get paid for that? Is it possible to have fun in a large corporate setting? Can joy be brought into the workplace? For the last few years we have been conducting an informal social experiment utilizing gamification (before we knew what it was) in our corporate training modules to encourage participation, engagement and enjoyment. Along the way we discovered that what we were doing was not only an effective training method, but also had a name: arbejdsglaede. Arbejdsglaede is a Scandinavian term for happiness at work. Happiness leads to greater productivity, health, creativity and success at work. While the results of our "experiment" exceeded our expectations, there were also failures and obstacles along the way which impeded our progress. This presentation features some of our favorite stories from the journey and highlights and illustrates the transferable techniques we have utilized over the last five years in Boeing IT as well as new approach to Agile metrics we are piloting in 2014.

Ryan Kleps
Process Analyst, Boeing
10:30 am PDT Playing God, The Power of Bringing People Alive     Watch On-Demand
In this talk Stella shares some of the latest research on the state of our crippling sense of community. Despite growing numbers in social media use, we're experiencing a loneliness epidemic that affects our well-being, our productivity, creativity, and the state of our relationships. In this talk Stella explores our role as conscious leaders and how we can be part of the cure.

Stella Grizont
Founder and CEO, WOOPAAH
10:30 am PDT Data-Driven Marketing, Loyalty & Gamification     Watch On-Demand
Learn how to derive maximum value through effective gamification strategy and development. Utilize simple (and mostly free!) tools to better track marketing impact of your existing loyalty/gamification efforts and uncover otherwise latent hidden data 'gems'. Whether you are new to gamification and digital analytics or a web tech expert, you'll come away with a few easy-to-implement takeaways for driving business and engagement.

Jeff Hawley
Director, Customer Experience Group, Yamaha Corporation of America
10:30 am PDT Scrum Hero: The Gamification of Scrum     Watch On-Demand
How to develop a game that meets your team's development goals? Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, designing your Scrum Hero game to be just fun is not always the goal. Using Bartle's Player Types, we'll show how to design a game that meets your goals and fits your developers' gaming and working styles.

Todd Deery
Head of Marketing, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
11:30 am PDT The Designer's Playbook for Persuasive Design     Watch On-Demand
User interface design is no longer only about making apps usable and websites look pretty. Everyday you touch, tap, swipe, and click hundreds of interfaces that were carefully crafted with you in mind. Every interface is a potential experiment in persuading you to take certain actions or conform to prescribed behavior. While you're usually cognizant of technology that attempts to modify your habits or change your behavior, there are an increasing number of products that are not behavior-changing technologies per se, but they have begun employing tactics on a micro-level to influence you and generally go unnoticed without your awareness. Through persuasive design, designers are building interfaces to meet business goals - goals that may not be aligned with your needs as a user. This presentation is a practical deep dive on design tactics that harness the power of user persuasion in their products. Designers, product managers, and marketers: this one's for you.

Matt Danna
Head of Product, Fullscreen
11:30 am PDT Achievement Unlocked: Gamification of Loyalty     Watch On-Demand
Stop chasing that shiny ball! We all love games, but too much emphasis on gamification can distract marketers from the business bottom line. When it comes to fun and games, how much is too much?

Jeff Berry, Senior Director of Research & Development at LoyaltyOne, will explore how LoyaltyOne has taken a step back from gamification to consider their engagement strategy across various stakeholders - from their customers, to their associates, to their loyalty program sponsors. Gamification has served as a successful engagement tool time and time again, but only in its proper place as part of an overall package. Join Jeff has he explores the "ins and outs" of gamification and how it fits into a greater engagement strategy.

Jeff Berry
Senior Director, Knowledge Development and Colloquy Research Director, LoyaltyOne
11:30 am PDT Game On! Wearable Fitness Tech Pumps Up Employee Health     Watch On-Demand
There's no denying it: Wearable technology - from super-smart glasses and watches, to health and fitness devices, and more - isn't just a trend anymore. It's here to stay, and one of the biggest players in the space are activity tracking devices. These tiny devices make it easy for people to keep timely tabs on their well-being by tracking exercise, diet and overall health and fitness levels. No longer reserved for the tech-nerds and workout warriors, more companies are adding wearable fitness tech to their wellness strategy, offering up free devices to employees. This powerful technology not only gets employees engaged in their company's health and wellness programs, but also has the ability to drive major behavior change for the long haul. With the number of personal health and wellness products sold in 2013 hitting 40 million, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, now's the time to leverage them in your approach to employee health and wellness. In this session, Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce offers up the secret sauce on the connection behind fitness tracking devices, motivation, and sustainable healthy habits, using examples from Virgin Pulse clients. He'll provide examples on how activity tracking devices have a major impact on employees' healthy habits and motivation, revealing the research and science behind how to leverage them in sustaining healthy behaviors. He'll share why using wearable fitness devices with wellness programs helps employers engage employees and support healthy behavior changes that drive bottom line benefits.

Christopher Boyce
CEO, Virgin Pulse
12:00 pm PDT Deconstructing the Four Basic Models of Gamification     Watch On-Demand
The challenge for anyone hoping to navigate a gamification project is transitioning from big idea to functional implementation. The number of choices and considerations required to succeed are overwhelming. Tony Ventrice will explain how to reduce the infinite space of gamification scenarios down to only four basic models and fewer than a dozen functional approaches. We'll then discuss how to identify which model is for you and what to do next.

Tony Ventrice
Sr. Game Systems Designer, Badgeville
12:00 pm PDT Go Lean with Gamification     Watch On-Demand
Every brand wants the same thing when you really boil it down. Better results for less money. Going lean has been a massive trend over the past decade - as organizations from Apple to Xerox (and scores of others alphabetically in-between) have migrated into this methodology.

But did you know that another massive marketplace trend - gamification - can be a wickedly effective instrument to cut costs and deliver big results?

In this session, Todd Young, Creative Director at Fiero, will discuss how brands can engender loyalty from their customers and their employees, while seeing a real impact on the bottom line.
12:00 pm PDT Talent Discovery Games Are Changing the Game     Watch On-Demand
Guy Halfteck
Founder & CEO,
12:30 pm PDT The Internet of Things: Using Technology to Engage     Watch On-Demand
Software-driven datasets for user data are reaching saturation. The next frontier: a digitized world. This session will explore strategies used to successfully add electronic sensor data (BLE, beacons and remote patient care) to user engagement scenarios across the travel, healthcare, retail and convenience industries.

Jerry Filipiak
CEO, Comarch
12:30 pm PDT Gaming and Reality TV as Global Marketing Platforms     Watch On-Demand
Karl will be discussing his successful TV show "GT Academy", a competition reality show partnership between Nissan and Sony Playstation that proves gamers have skills that transfer into the real world. He'll also look at globally how Gaming and Reality TV are the best ways to reach a new generation of consumers, and what the future is for this kind of engagement for brands.

Karl Dunn
Creative Director (CD) Nissan Americas, TBWA/Chiat/Day
12:30 pm PDT Enlisting Employees as Partners in Cost Savings     Watch On-Demand
This session will explain how Rocketrip is helping companies save north of 20% on existing travel spend by rewarding employee behavior.

Dan Ruch
Founder & CEO, Rocketrip
2:30 pm PDT Level Up Your Gamification to Solve Big Business Problems     Watch On-Demand
By now, hundreds of gamification tools have been developed-ranging from something as simple as points, badges and leaderboards, to different kinds of ranks and reputations. So how do you decide what's the right tool for the job. Driving loyalty that lasts many years requires a very different set of tools from driving participation during a conference that only lasts a few days. This session will introduce you to the concept of effective timescale for behavior changes. And we will discuss its connection to the feedback timescale of the various gamification tools. Using these concepts, we will also show you a framework for choosing the optimal tool(s) for a variety of business problems-ranging from onboarding, marketing campaigns, to collaboration, innovation, and something much bigger.

Dr. Michael Wu
Chief Scientist, Lithium
2:30 pm PDT How Gamification Motivates All Age Groups     Watch On-Demand
A case study generated from Wikistrat's Analytic Community of 900 people ranging from retired admirals, to national security advisors all the way to bright students to work together using a unified gamification strategy.

Daniel Green
Co-founder & CTO, Wikistrat
2:30 pm PDT Power Plants vs. Saving Energy     Watch On-Demand
Energy is something we all take for granted. We know we should waste less and be more efficient, but the average American spends 6 minutes a year thinking about energy and has little motivation to change their behavior.  Learn how Opower has applied behavioral psychology and data science to drive lasting behavior change, saving 4TWh to date, the equivalent of taking San Francisco off the grid for one year. Learn about problem we're working on, our product design approaches, the outcomes we've driven, and how this can be applied to other fields.
3:00 pm PDT Gamification as a Strategy     Watch On-Demand
Ankit will discuss how gamification is a necessary strategy for companies to implement within their businesses.

Ankit Shah
Behavior Strategy & Consulting Lead, Dopamine
3:00 pm PDT How to Gamify Local Businesses     Watch On-Demand
How to take SMBs from buy "10 get 1 free" to a smarter gamified loyalty platform.

Jon Carder
Founder & CEO, MOGL
3:00 pm PDT Gamestorming Wikipedia: Experiments in Playful Onboarding     Watch On-Demand
We made a 7 mission gamified interactive onboarding tutorial to teach people how to edit Wikipedia in 1 hour. The journey involves badges, barnstars, challenges, and simulated interaction throughout a realistic quest to edit the article [[Earth]]. Game dynamics were used to create a sense of understanding, belonging, deep value identification, and technical proficiency. The use of games in open source and free culture online communities has great potential to drive participation. This talk will share the background of Wikipedia's editor retention decline problem, the inspiration for taking a gamified approach, a review of the design highlights, and a discussion of quantitative and qualitative data and survey analysis. The talk will end with opportunities for further future game-based portals for Wikipedia and leave time for questions about this notoriously prickly online community.

Jake Orlowitz
Wikipedia Administrator and Wikimedia Foundation Grantee, Wikipedia
3:30 pm PDT Coop Revolution: 7 Rules for Collaborative Game Design     Watch On-Demand
Games are everywhere - and everyone's a gamer. Yet most people's assumptions about gaming and gamification revolve around competitive, zero-sum experiences. The next wave of gaming innovation is coming from indies, outsiders and non-gamers - and they're crafting collaborative systems where people WIN TOGETHER and grow the pie for everyone. What market trends are driving this change? Which influential games and services are leading the way? Come learn the secrets behind Coop hits like Minecraft, Journey, Foldit, Portal, Team Fortress, Left4Dead, Nike+, Youtube, and Kickstarter. Discover the 7 rules for collaborative design that propelled these projects - and walk away with ideas and inspiration for how to apply Coop thinking to your next project.

Amy Jo Kim
Creative Director, Shufflebrain
4:30 pm PDT GSummit Closing Keynote: The End of Boredom     Watch On-Demand
Gabe Zichermann
5:20 pm PDT Jane McGonigal: The Science of How Games Make Us Stronger     Watch On-Demand
It's not enough to make games that can change people's lives for the better-- we have to measure that change. Dr. Jane McGonigal, inventor of SuperBetter, shares news from her NIH-funded clinical trial and results from a University of Pennsylvania randomized controlled trial of her latest game.

Jane McGonigal
Inventor, SuperBetter

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