GSummit San Francisco 2014

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Join SuperBetter inventor Jane McGonigal, Stanford's Dr. BJ Fogg and more than 50 speakers from companies such as Amazon, Delta, Google, IBM, JetBlue, Mazda, Oracle, Opower, and Verizon Wireless.


  • Wednesday, June 11
  • Thursday, June 12
9:00 am PDT GSummit Opening + Welcome     Watch On-Demand
Kevin Shane
Director, GSummit, Gamification Co

Gabe Zichermann
9:08 am PDT Gamify The Hashtag & Win At Your Next Event     Watch On-Demand
Finding who's at your event and what everyone is saying on twitter is a disaster.  We built livecube to gamify the social media event-going experience and help attendees find and share the best ideas.  Hear what we've learned since gamifying the hashtag, helping many Fortune 500's set their audiences on social media fire.
9:23 am PDT GAMIFY: What is the Future of Gamification?     Watch On-Demand
Digital business requires organizations to re-evaluate how they engage and motivate customers, employees and communities. Gamification is a powerful means of packaging motivation using a digital engagement model which enables organizations to scale motivation without the constraints of cost, time, distance or connectedness.

Brian Burke
Research Vice President, Gartner
9:45 am PDT Beyond Transaction: Loyalty's Next Act is Gamification     Watch On-Demand
Making loyalty programs more "contextual" could be the key to engaging today's digitally connected consumer and finding success with data-driven marketing. By blending the study of human behavior and the discipline of behavior psychology, marketers are unlocking a new generation of customer marketing strategies. This behavior driven program approach has proven successful in B2B settings and is taking hold in B2C applications. This session will share the foundational elements of Contextual Loyalty, highlight market examples of brands enjoying success with this approach, and give delegates practical take-aways to use in evolving their own customer loyalty strategies.

Bill Hanifin
Engagement Solutions Director, Hanifin Loyalty LLC
10:07 am PDT Does The Prize Purse Matter? XPRIZE Drives Revolution     Watch On-Demand
A prize is an old idea that remains surprisingly powerful today. And prizes are everywhere now: there are millions of awards, prizes and honors given each year around the world. The growth of prizes has a downside: more prizes means more noise. To break through the noise the prize industry is experiencing an "arms race" in prize amounts, with sponsors offering ever higher purses in hopes attracting more and better competitors and outcomes. But focusing on the prize purse alone is a fool's game: great prizes use many other (and better) levers to achieve outstanding results.

Eileen Bartholomew
11:04 am PDT Game-Based Society: Mobile Games Beyond The Small Screen     Watch On-Demand
Since the advent of the contemporary smartphone and the debut of the mobile app store in 2008, mobile has been the hottest sector in the game industry. Successful mobile games now generate millions of dollars of revenue per day. We are now about to enter a new phase of mobile gaming in which the gameplay extends beyond the phone itself to the world around us. Get ready for gaming everywhere, when next-generation mobile phones connect to smart devices, smart appliances, smart cars and smart cities, linking the entire city scape with an invisible layer of data that will serve as a canvas for massive metagames. For game designers and game-based marketing experts, this is nirvana. For the players, it could be transformative: we'll literally live the game. This talk will examine the trajectory of technologies and game formats that brought us to this point, and will explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Robert Tercek
General Creativity, President/Founder, Creative Visions Foundation
11:26 am PDT The Science of When and Why the Rules Don't (Always) Work     Watch On-Demand
Andrea Kuszewski
Researcher & Manager, Scientific Vortex Group
11:48 am PDT Gamified Talent Management: Role Playing Games at Work     Watch On-Demand
By combining the most innovative organizational research techniques with the most cutting edge social business tools and game design techniques from Role Playing Games (RPGs), organizations today can create a virtual workplace environment that:
  • Ensures that skills and challenges are matched appropriately
  • More employees are engaged in their work and are intrinsically motivated to pursue loftier career aspirations
  • Facilitates immediate access to subject matter experts anywhere
  • Offers real time updates on the creation of client value
  • Increases productivity generated by contemporary communication rather than antiquated reliance on email, ad hoc relationships and processes
In essence, organizations can take this opportunity to create an aspirational workplace built on the concept of FLOW where employees can both see and feel a sense of self direction.

Phaedra Boinodiris
Global Lead for Serious Games and Gamification, IBM
12:10 pm PDT Puzzle Solved: Long-Term Change, Short-Term Motivation     Watch On-Demand
The classic puzzle of transforming temporary motivation into lasting change has been solved. For many years, the creators of products and programs have tried to crack this code, with the vast majority ending in failure. For example, giving someone a cash reward to exercise for six-weeks rarely transforms into the habit of exercise OR entering a weight-loss contest rarely leads to keeping the pounds off. However, in some cases the short-term motivation (the money, a contest) will indeed turn into long-term change (a habit or weight maintenance). So what's the difference between the failures and the successes? That queston has been answered. Join Dr. BJ Fogg as he teaches us the secret to this puzzle in his GSummit keynote. You'll find that the answer is systematic -- and easy to grasp. He'll also explain how you can use this solution to create more effective products and services.

Dr. BJ Fogg
Director of the Behavior Design Lab, Stanford University
2:30 pm PDT Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products     Watch On-Demand
In an age of ever-increasing distractions, quickly creating customer habits is an important characteristic of successful products. How do companies create products people use every day? What is the psychology behind building the services customers love? How can designers create products compelling enough to "hook" users? Nir Eyal has constructed a framework for understanding and designing habit-forming products. Nir will share the tactics companies like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter use to drive daily engagement.

Nir Eyal
2:30 pm PDT Stopping Gamification from Being a Double-Edged Sword     Watch On-Demand
Gamification can have unintended consequences, especially when games move from a voluntary activity to a company requirement. Using the latest hard evidence from gamification experiments conducted along Prof. Nancy Rothbard both at companies and in psychology labs, Prof. Mollick will discuss ways in which enterprise gamification can succeed - and how it can backfire. He will cover some simple techniques to increase the chance of success in gamification within the enterprise, as well as how to measure the outcomes of gamification initiatives.

Ethan Mollick
Edward B. and Shirley R. Shils Assistant Professor of Management, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
3:00 pm PDT Gamification Beyond Competition     Watch On-Demand
Exploring Dr Stuckey's personal experience and researched examples of educational use of gamification strategies to cultivate professionalism, professional identity and community. Using examples from Australia and around the globe of communities strengthened by a thoughtful application of game atoms. These communities inhabit in K-12 schools, Universities and Professional Learning sites and prove that a well implemented gameful approach can do so much more than than just pit people against each other in competition, it can expedite, enhance and scaffold identity and community building.

Bron Stuckey
Director, Innovative Educational Ideas
3:00 pm PDT Recognizing Behavior with Big Data + Gamification     Watch On-Demand
As more online services start to leverage machine learning to develop an improved and more personal customer experience, the stellar rise of "big data" as a mechanism to tailor the experience is well known. Their is a challenge, however, when customers are not naturally or organically generating all the data required to feed the machine learning algorithms - and game mechanics can be a powerful technique to encourage users to perform tasks to help complete the big data story.

Ross Smith
Director of Test at Skype Division, Microsoft
3:00 pm PDT Personalizing Customer Engagement Through Gamification     Watch On-Demand
EA Sports™ FIFA is one of the best-selling videogame franchises in history. With over 100 million sales worldwide, it has built a fervent and diverse fan base. From avid FIFA® Football fans to sports gamers who are in it for the competition to brand new players who are trying to figure it all out, FIFA is challenged with the task of offering relevant and personalized information to each of their distinct customer segments. Pamela Radford, Senior Director of Global Engagement Marketing at EA, saw gamification as the solution to this challenge. As a result, EA recently introduced FIFA Fan Rewards, a gamified website that rewards and acknowledges FIFA fans for interacting with the fan site and directs each fan to the most applicable content for them. With FIFA Fan Rewards, fans are being rewarded for sharing their love of FIFA, inspiring advocacy through social channels and driving engagement far beyond each game launch cycle.

This presentation will give a backstage look into how EA is using gamification to reach their customers with targeted multi-channel lifecycle marketing. Through this example, they will shed light on how entertainment properties can leverage gamification to drive enduring customer loyalty and build a deeper relationship with their biggest "fans."

Pamela Radford
Sr. Director, Global Engagement Marketing, Electronic Arts
3:30 pm PDT Why We Love Low-Tech (And You Should, Too!)     Watch On-Demand
If gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology then why not rid the planet of dry, boring, ineffective training today! Let's give corporate training professionals the tools they can use to start gamifying their projects today for an increased ROI, knowledge transfer, and more engaged workforce.

Monica Cornetti
Founder, EntrepreNow!
3:30 pm PDT The Design of Work: Team-Building With Gamification     Watch On-Demand
In the not too distant past, work was mediated by informal, ad hoc systems like paper, face-to-face meetings, and email. All that has changed, and work now happens in formal systems for sales, service, training, collaboration and more - and all these systems are throwing off structured data. In this session, learn how smart employers are feeding this data into gamification engines to identify strengths and weaknesses, summarize skill sets, generate profiles of top-performing employees, predict future performance and motivate behavior change - fundamentally changing the way that work happens.

Rajat Paharia
Founder, Chief Product Officer, Bunchball
3:30 pm PDT Earn Your Wings: Objective-Based Promotional Design     Watch On-Demand
A look inside the evolving design considerations behind Air Canada's Earn your Wings program. Hear about how the first iteration came about and how the airline is evolving gamification based on its learnings.

Ian DiTullo
Director of Loyalty, Air Canada
4:30 pm PDT How a Bank Becomes Playful: Breaking a Lance for Games     Watch On-Demand
In this talk Maarten will show how gamification is being organized within Rabobank, the largest bank in the Netherlands. He will show two cases on how Rabobank has applied gamification and argues why banks need 'subtle gamification'. He also shares some best practices on how to be an ambassador for gamification in a large organization. An interesting talk for those who want to learn how to engage their colleagues and internal stakeholders in gamification.

Maarten Molenaar
Manager of Gamification Hub, Rabobank
4:30 pm PDT Gamifying The Arts: Leading Orgs Transforming Engagement     Watch On-Demand
Arts organizations such as ballets, operas and theaters, are under tremendous pressure to sell tickets and raise money to support their operations. Competition for entertainment dollars is very intense. In this session, Erik Gensler, President of Capacity Interactive, a digital marketing consulting firm for arts organization, will use case studies to illustrate how smart arts organizations are using gamification to engage patrons in order to sell more tickets and raise more money. This session will also illustrate how organizations can use the data from these efforts to better target prospects online.

Erik Gensler
President, Capacity Interactive
5:00 pm PDT Creating a Gamification Function in your Organization     Watch On-Demand
Are you interested in making gamification a full or part time function within your organization? William shares insight into how he created a gamification function within Verizon and how you can do the same.

William Beegle
Sr. Analyst of Innovation & Gamification, Verizon Wireless
5:00 pm PDT How Employee Recognition Programs Fail     Watch On-Demand
Most employee recognition programs fail to achieve the objective: employee engagement. Rather than make employees excited to come to work, many recognition programs (with the best-of-intentions) encourage the opposite. We have conducted hundreds of experiments to optimize & gamify Employee Recognition programs - incorporating lessons from our F1000 clients, sports and our own employees. We will cover the three biggest mistakes in building Recognition programs & how to avoid.
5:30 pm PDT Rituals, Selfies, and Cults: The Future of True Loyalty     Watch On-Demand
Customer loyalty has hit a turbulent period. Our dominant earn-and-burn loyalty program model, now more than 50 years old, is in decline. Social media continues to disrupt the brand-customer dialogue once controlled by corporations. And Millennials refuse to conform to the brand loyalty patterns of their parents and grandparents. So, what's a savvy marketer to do? Its time for a serious rethink, not just of our prevailing loyalty models, but our fundamental understanding of "consumers." This session will explore the question of why loyalty programs are in need of change, offer a re-framing for loyalty's next iteration, and introduce a new metric for effective customer engagement: "Selfie Value."

Barry Kirk
VP of Consumer Loyalty Strategy, Maritz Motivation Solutions

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