Generation Unplugged: Energy, Tech, and Designing the Future

April 22, 2015
3:00 - 5:00 pm PDT


Wednesday, April 22

3:00 pm PDT Opening Remarks: Generation Unplugged     Watch On-Demand
Opening Remarks: Generation Unplugged
3:05 pm PDT Supercharged: Accelerating Ambitious Ideas in Energy     Watch On-Demand
  • Ilan Gur, Founding Director, Cyclotron Road
  • Kate Lydon, Public Sector Portfolio Director, IDEO
  • Meredith Perry, Founder and CEO, uBeam
  • Interviewed by: Mary Louise Kelly, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic @KellyMaryLouise
3:35 pm PDT Sponsor Content brought to you by NRG Energy     Watch On-Demand
  • David Crane, President and CEO, NRG Energy
  • Interviewed by: Jean Ellen Cowgill, President, Atlantic Media Strategies
4:05 pm PDT Faster, Better, Cheaper: Powering the Next Generation     Watch On-Demand
  • Danielle Fong, co-Founder and Chief Scientist, LightSail Energy
  • Interviewed by: Mary Louise Kelly, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic @KellyMaryLouise
4:25 pm PDT Jawbone's Yves Béhar: Can Design Elevate Energy Tech?     Watch On-Demand
  • Yves Béhar, Chief Creative Officer of Jawbone and Founder and CEO, fuseproject
  • Interviewed by: Mary Louise Kelly, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic @KellyMaryLouise

About this conference

From fueling and monitoring energy use within our homes to charging electric vehicles on the go, energy options are rapidly diversifying while demand from young, savvy consumers is shaping the technology offered. Today, new options in energy distribution offer more choices than ever about where to get energy and how to use it, but what are the long-term impacts of these decisions?

Giving special attention to the millennial generation's predilection for early adoption on the technological frontier, The Atlantic will explore the effects consumer habits have on the design and implementation of energy technologies in a wireless society.

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