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June 20 - 21, 2012

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Introduction to the GSummit 2012, Day 1 Highlight

Gabe Zichermann, CEO of  GamificationCo, introduces the two-day Gamification Summit 2012.

Angry Birds' Revenge: The End of Nintendo

Teens in Tech Labs CEO Daniel Brusilovsky declares that traditional consoles are dead for the next generation of gamers because they want games to be mobile and playable anywhere.

Draw Something: Creating a Game That Is Truly Cooperative

Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP, the makers of Draw Something, discusses how he created a game that was truly cooperative. Porter says when he couldn't find a way to create a game with winners and losers he made a game where everyone is a winner.

Gamified Classroom: Excel in Math By Mastering Monopoly

Tim Vandenberg, school teacher and #2 ranked Monopoly player in the U.S., demonstrates the effectiveness of gamifying his classroom with the board game Monopoly. 

How Fear Motivates Entrepreneurs

Adeo Ressi discusses how The Foundation Institute leverages fear of kicking entrants out of the institute to get them to start acting and thinking like an entrepreneur.

Humans Beat Computers to a Breakthrough on AIDS Virus

Seth Cooper, Creative Director of the protein folding game Foldit, explains that humans outperform computers in some pattern recognition tasks, which has helped scientists researching proteins involved in AIDS in monkeys.

The Real-World Impact of Playing Games

Game researcher Nicole Lazzaro talks about how infusing games into our working and daily lives can have dramatic effects.

United Airlines: Free Bonus Miles with Gamification

Krishnan Saranathan, Managing Director of MileagePlus at United Airlines, discusses one of the oldest model of consumer gamification, airline rewards programs, and how United gets its loyalty program right.

Big Opportunities in the Gamification Market

M2 Research Founder Wanda Meloni discusses the growth trends in gamification over the last year, especially among the enterprise market as it follows the lead of the consumer market.

Chamillionaire's Quest to Engage His Audience

Chamillionaire talks about his frustration with how his music label managed his website, which inspired him to look at the tech industry for ways to interact more with fans online.

Forget the Apps, Gamifying with Post-It Notes

CRM Coordinator at Lot18 John Guerrera outlines his method for gamifying self-improvement. While apps may be a good start, Guerrero suggests using old fashioned pen and post-its.

Gamification Is Just Good Design

Matt MacLaurin, Senior Design Director of eBay, predicts that the term "gamification" will slowly go away because its principles are already incorporated into everyday user interface designs.

Gamification: The New Business Incentive

Billy Rodgers, CRO of RedCritter, demonstrates how business can use gamification to incentivize workers to perform their best.

Gamification: The Importance of a Good Redemption System

Josh Kramer of the Leapfrog Group discusses changes they made to the Bing Rewards redemption system. Bing transitioned from physical rewards to stored online value, making rewards instant and less costly.

Gamifying Exercise: Motivating Kids to Get Off the Couch

Lance Henderson, CEO of Zamzee, talks about motivating and rewarding children to leave the couch and exercise.

Having Fun at Work: Violating a Taboo with Gamification

JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist for, gives a history lesson of the revolutionary advancements in information technology that were once stigmatized.

How GameDesk Is Revolutionizing Educational Gaming

Beth Shiroishi, Vice President of Sustainability and Philanthropy at AT&T, discusses the importance of making educational games engaging, explaining that children “are living in a world where high quality entertainment is everywhere that they are, except in the classroom.”

How the Energy Industry Can Benefit from Gamification

Peter Shaw, Senior Director of Smart Energy Practice at J.D. Power and Associates, discusses his firm's research that shows that offering point rewards is the best way to get people interested in saving energy.

Gamification for Fitness: The New Workplace Norm

Charlie Kim, Founder and CEO of Next Jump, discusses his company's fitness competition, and describes the steps they had to take in order to get people up and moving.

Introduction to the GSummit 2012, Day 2 Highlight

Gabe Zichermann, CEO of  GamificationCo introduces the second day of the Gamification Summit 2012.

Love and Creativity Can Save Your Business

Citrix CMO Wes Wasson compares surviving the transition to a more social and gamified work world to surviving the sinking of the Titanic. Wilson argues that love and creativity will be key to staying successful.

Mozilla Open Badges: Putting You in Control

Sunny Lee, Product/Partner Manager for Mozilla Open Badges, explains the motivation for putting the user in control of badges they can earn over various platforms.

Oracle on Organizing a Design Jam

Erika Webb, User Experience Manager at Oracle, gives an overview of organizing Oracle's first ever design jam.

The Power of Games to Drive Social Impact

Samantha Skey, CRO at RecycleBank, believes that gamification and social rewards empower users to take real-world actions for good.

When Work's a Game: Increased Productivity

Byron Reeves, the Paul C. Edwards Professor in Stanford University's Department of Communication, shows how scientists are measuring psychophysiological responses to arouse the productivity of employees at work. Reeves believes that by tapping into a brand narrative, employees will be more engaged, active workers.

Where's the Beef in Gamification?

Jesse Redniss, Senior Vice President of Digital for NBC Universal/USA Network, discusses how network companies are successfully utilizing gamification to boost audience participation.

Thrills and Chills: Gamifying Theme Park Entertainment

Dave Cobb, Senior Creative Director at Thinkwell, talks about how gamification is becoming a part of theme park design incorporating more participatory elements.

Women Outperform Men in Gamified Enterprise

Adam Bosworth, CEO of Keas, says that, against expectations, women do better in social gaming in the workplace than men.

Card Counter Jeff Ma: Beating the House at Blackjack

Jeff Ma, infamous card counter and inspiration for the film 21, discusses the role of good communication in motivating players for gamification.

Community Power: How to Create the Ultimate Moderator

Stack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood outlines the website community's process for assigning responsibility to group moderators.

'Game of Thrones Ascent': The 'Antisocial' Social Game

Jon Radoff, founder of Disruptor Beam, discusses his company's adaptation of the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones", and explains why most game adaptations, as well as attempts at gamification, fall flat.

Desire Engine: How to Engineer User Behavior

Behavior Engineer and Blogger at Nir Eyal explains triggers, the first step in the desire engine that motivates behavioral change.

Big Brands Like Nike Use Games for Long-Term Engagement

Irfan Kamal of Ogilvy sees brands turning gamified experiences into opportunities for extended engagement and consumer brand loyalty.

What Motivates Gamers? Status, Access, Power and Stuff

Cofounder of Dopamine Mike Martoccia discusses the four major rewards for different gamer types.

Better Buying: Gamification Improves Customer Loyalty

Keith Smith, co-founder and CEO of BigDoor, explains the problem of consumer "promiscuity" for internet sites. "If we can't get users to come back," says Smith, "then no amount of engagement, or anything else, is really going to matter."

Richard Bartle Applies His Game Research to Gamification

Richard Bartle, professor and game researcher, explores why his "Bartle Quotient", originally designed to classify players of multiplayer online games, works for gamification as well.

Gamification: At the Forefront of Meaningful Enterprise

Gabe Zichermann, chair of the Gamification Summit, wraps up the GSummit, and argues why gamification will continue to transform the enterprise space.

When Innovating, Beware of Fun-Pirates

James Gardner, Chief Strategy Officer at Spigit, talks about his time at Lloyds in the UK working on banking innovation, and some obstacles he encountered there.

Going Beyond the Hype: Finding Gamification Success

Venture capitalist Tim Chang gives a sober appraisal of the gamification phenomena. He argues that the trend might just be hype unless pilot programs find financial success.

Boost Your Brain Power by Doing Things the Hard Way

Andrea Kuszewski, researcher, therapist, and science writer at IEET, advises that by doing things the hard way, people maximize cognitive growth.

Encouraging Klout Gamers: Breaking the Influence Barrier

Chris Makarsky, head of Product at Klout, shares ways any Klout player, regardless of influence level, can have a rewarding experience on the site.

How Badgeville and Yammer Combine to Gamify the Workplace

Yammer's Gregory Love describes how his company integrates with Badgeville to motivate employees by gamifying work environments.

Gamification: Do Bad Things and Earn a Reward

Microsoft’s Karsten Januszeweski describes the surprising customer reaction when they added “negative achievements” to Microsoft Visual Studio, which were intended to alert users when they had done something wrong.

So ... What Is Gamification, Anyway?

Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball, illustrates the concept of "gamification" with several real-world examples already present in popular culture and the workplace.

Google Senior Designer: Generating Interest in Your Game

Nadya Direkova, Senior UX Designer at Google, discusses what designers can do to jumpstart the popularity of their game.

How ‘Bad and Angry Apples’ Spoil Gamification

Tricia Gellman, Senior Director of Product Marketing for, explains that in a gamified environment, “bad apples” who dislike the rules of the system are bound to arise, and argues that it’s important to have a plan in place for dealing with them.

Future Rewards: How Your Brain Gets Motivated

What's more rewarding -- eating a piece of candy, or the sense of anticipation you feel just before you eat it? As far as your brain is concerned, it's probably the latter. Cynergey's Kes Sampanthar explains what dopamine reveals about the neuroscience of motivation.

Inside Adobe's New Gamified Photoshop Tutorial: Level Up

Mira Dontcheva, Senior Research Scientist at Adobe, demonstrates Adobe's new gamified Photoshop tutorial: "Level Up".

Jane McGonigal: Gamers Have Spent 5.93M Years Playing WoW

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