Gamification Summit 2011

January 20, 2011


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Jane McGonigal: 5.93 Million Years Playing World of Warcraft

About this conference

The Gamification Summit (January 20, 2011 San Francisco) brings together top thought leaders in game mechanics and engagement science for the first time. Hear what works and what doesn't in this dynamic and fast-moving field through case studies, keynotes and panels delivered by experts such as Gabe Zichermann (author, Game-Based Marketing), Amy Jo Kim (gamification guru) and Jane McGonigal (TED fellow, author debuting her new book). Watch the Gamification Summit 2011 and learn how game mechanics and the new science of engagement are rewriting the rules of brand marketing, product design and customer acquisition and get your business in the game. The live event is sold out - this is the only way to see the leaders of gamification come together for the first time. (Note: The Gamification Summit will not be streaming video of the January 21st portion of the event.)

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