GamesBeat 2016

August 1 - 3, 2016


  • Monday, August 1
  • Tuesday, August 2
  • Wednesday, August 3
10:30 am PDT Lightning Rounds: Lessons for Game Developers
Five speakers will present in this these fast-paced 5-minute talks about an exciting new area of gaming.

David Levitt, CEO (Pantomime)
Omar Siddiqui, CEO (Kiwi)
Brendan Wilson, Co-Founder (System Era)
Jay Mattis, Co-Founder (High Horse)
Dima Veryovka, Co-Founder (Colabee Studios)
Moderator: Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology (VentureBeat)
11:10 am PDT Fireside Chat: Changing the Way You Do Business
Making tough decisions is part of the norm in the mobile game business, where everything that you've learned can change quickly.

Kevin Chou, CEO (Kabam)
Moderator: Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat (VentureBeat)
11:30 am PDT Fireside Chat: How to Make Esports More Mainstream
As esports develops into its own, distinct business, it presents new opportunities for startups and established gaming giants. How do you spont those opportunities? And how can enormous corporations capitalize on this business?

Mike Sepso, Co-Founder (MLG)
Moderator: Jeff Grubb, News Writer for GamesBeat (VentureBeat)
11:50 am PDT Fireside Chat: Making Games Accessible - the Blizzard Way
From the original Warcraft RTS to World of Warcraft and most recently, Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment has a legacy of making more hardcore gaming genres accessible to the mainstream, but that philosophy extends beyond game design and development to the company's overall approach to its players. Join Blizzard Entertainment EVP of Corporate Operations Gio Hunt for a multifaceted discussion on how Blizzard builds enthusiastic communities around its franchises with esports, storytelling, and even technology partnerships, ensuring players (and potential players) have as many entry- and touchpoints into their games as possible, no matter where they are around the globe.

Gio Hunt, EVP, Corporate Operations (Blizzard Entertainment)
Moderator: Mike Minotti, Staff Writer & Community Manager, VentureBeat
1:25 pm PDT Going East or Going West
A gold mine awaits whoever can become a true gaming company. Whether it is expanding from Asia to the West, or from the West to Asia, managing the change is truly difficult. We'll delve into the best practices to make it happen.

Daniel Cho, Chairman (Innospark); Roy Liu, GM (Linekong USA); James Zhang, CEO (Concept Art House and Spellgun)
Moderator: Jason Wilson, Managing Editor of GamesBeat (VentureBeat)
1:55 pm PDT Riot North America on Building an Ecosystem: Community, Partnerships, and a Lasting Sport
League of Legends has become a huge hit. But to keep it front and center in the minds of gamers is a big task. We'll talk about what Riot is doing to keep the ecosystem around LoL healthy.

Sean Haran, Director of Business Development and Publishing (Riot Games)
Moderator: Taylor Cocke, Writer (Yahoo esports)
2:15 pm PDT Gaming's Past & Future
What can we predict about the game platforms of the future?

Tom Kalinske, Chairman (Gazillion)
Moderator: Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat (VentureBeat)
2:35 pm PDT Closing Comments
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat (VentureBeat)

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