Future of Medicine: A Conversation on Cost and Value

May 21, 2014
8:40 am - 12:15 pm EDT


Communicating the Value of Expensive Cancer Care

Good medicine is costly, and out of reach for many economic brackets - but how do you measure health against that? Dr. Lowell Schnipper wrestles with these concepts on a daily basis.

Cutting Through the FDA Red Tape

Colorado Democratic Representative Diane DeGette explains how in the field of fast research, the FDA provides more roadblocks than shortcuts.

No More Blank Checks for Health Coverage

Kirsten Alexsen of Pfizer talks about how innovation needs to turn away from massive budgets if they want to keep the business manageable and affordable to the consumer.

The Landscape of Hepatitis C

Rena Fox Lays out the current state of affairs of the Hepatitis C epidemic and how it is being treated in patients.

The Value of Data

Alan Coukell describes a Scandinavian clinical trial where data was used to help thousands of people for very little cost.

U.S. Leaders in Research Innovation and Inefficiency

Former Federal Minister of Health in Germany, Daniel Bahr assesses the positive qualities of the US Healcare system.

About this conference

Join The Atlantic on May 21 as we discuss the Future of Medicine: A Conversation on Cost and Value. Through the eyes of industry experts and key stakeholders, we will explore the interrelated issues of access to affordable quality care; the dynamics of international drug pricing; and the importance of maintaining active research and development.

While recent controversies over domestic costs of pharmaceuticals have placed the problem on the national stage, there has ultimately been a failure to produce substantive solutions. What market-based approaches will work to balance drug prices with critical research and development? With thanks to our underwriter, Express Scripts, join us to work through this critical health care challenge and lend your voice to this substantive discussion.

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