Fertility Planit 2013 NYC

September 15, 2013


A Look Back at the Birth of PGD Screening

Anver Kuliev, director of research at the Reproductive Genetics Institute, recalls the first conference of the International Working Group on Preimplantation Genetics and the early successes of the technique.

Avoiding Risk Through Low Stim Fertility Treatment

Dr. Lydon Chang explains the benefits of taking a low stimulation approach to fertility treatment.

Baby's First Video: Monitoring IVF & Birth Defects

Dr. Jason Barritt, research scientist at the A.R.T. Reproductive Center, shows an example of a monitoring system that tracks embryo development from the first cell division to detect abnormalities. 

Bad Genes: What Genetic Testing Says About Mom & Dad

Brock Peters, director of research for Complete Genomics Inc., introduces long fragment read (LFR) technology and how its used in sequencing the genome.

Can Stress Cause Infertility? The Power of Perseverance

Clinical psychologist Anne Malave comments on the links between stress and fertility, and how support groups help patients 'hang in there.'

Democratizing Access to Genetic Information

Recombine CTO, Alex Bisignano, describes how new affordable technology is allowing patients to screen for multiple genetic diseases at one time, regardless of ethnicity.

Know Your Embryo: Time-Lapse Spots Faulty Genetics

Dr. Joe Conaghan, fertility specialist at the Pacific Fertility Center,  and Dr. Serena Chen, rated "Top Fertility Doc" by New York Magazine, analyse new time-lapse imaging to detect low quality embryos.

Life After 35: How to Rewind Your Biological Clock

Melissa Maisenbacher, genetic counselor at Natera, details the particular risks for women over 35 trying to get pregnant and the medical tools available to help them.

Micromanipulation: Ion Torrent Sparks Genetic Tech Wave

Santiago Munné, founder of Reprogenetics, predicts that next-generation sequencing technology like Ion Torrent will speed up the unscrambling of our DNA.

Modern Family: Why 75% of Americans Aren't Normal

Gabriel Blau from the Family Equality Council explains why assisted conception and adoption are a part of the new normal for families.

Modern Screening Tests for Single Gene Disorders

Doctor Joe Leigh Simpson from the March of Dimes Foundation previews the Fertility Planit conference with a discussion on the advanced genetic screenings that can more easily detect genetic disorders at lower cost.

Nina Davenport: Embrace Life as it Comes

Addressing the issue of single mothers worrying about having multiple children, filmmaker Nina Davenport says that women should embrace life as it comes, and it's okay to only have one child.

Options for Couples Who Are Genetic Disease Carriers

Mark Hughes MD, PhD, Laboratory Founder, Genesis Genetics, talks about the options genetically at-risk couples have and the decline in intimacy they experience due to the thought of having a child who must endure a genetic disease.

Parenthood Postponed: How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?

Sarah Richards, author of Motherhood Rescheduled, and Dr. Gad Lavy from the New England Fertility Institute debate putting an age limit on parenthood and egg freezing. 

Pregnancy is a Stress Test On Your Body

Dr. Genevieve Fairbrother offers tips for pregnant women on how to best communicate with doctors about prenatal care.

Removing Emotion From The Financial Planning Process

Stephany Kirkpatrick, Director of Finance and LearnVest describes how a certified financial planner can guide a couple through the financial side of the family planning process.

Reorganizing Your Nervous System Through Meditation

New York Times best-selling author and TV host, Gabrielle Bernstein, shares a meditation that helps to reorganize stress and strengthen peace within.

Should Day 3 Biopsies Still Be Offered?

Kelly Ketterson, VP Operations, Reprogenics, discusses the rise in trophectoderm biopsies over day 3 biopsies, and wonders if day 3 biopsies should even be offered anymore.

Surgical Videos: A Way to Shop for a Doctor

Jacques Cohen, PhD, Co-founder, Reprogenetics & Director of The Art Institute of Washington, shares videos of biopsies that he found on the internet while discussing clinical embryology procedures/

The Impact Of Age On The Success Of IVF

Dr. James Grifo illustrates the similar effect that a woman's age has on the probability of a baby born with down syndrome and the success of IVF.

The Right Way to Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle

Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga shares her experience of encouraging her mother to adopt a healthier lifestyle and her tips on broaching the subject with loved ones.

What's Next for the Human Genome? Low-Cost DNA Mapping

Dagan Wells, laboratory director at Reprogenetics Current, shows how next-generation DNA sequencing is using the human genome map to find mutations quicker and cheaper than before.

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