Fairchild Fashion Media Men's Wear Summit 2014

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Brioni, 1952: The World's First Men's Fashion Show

Brendan Mullane shares the story of the world's first men's fashion show in 1952, hosted by then little-known Brioni, and how the move helped launch an iconic brand.

Capsule Trade Show: How to Look for the Next Trend

Capsule's Deirdre Maloney describes cutting out the hype from fashion trade shows and putting high-caliper brands up front. 

Cheating on a Brand: Men Are More 'Promiscuous' Shoppers

Michael Phillips Moskowitz, chief curator at eBay, argues that in an era of unprecedented choice, men from New York to Tokyo are more "brand promiscuous."

Get in the Game: How to Dress Like an Olympian

Hudson’s Bay Company president Liz Rodbell tells how the company's red mittens helped fund and outfit the Canadian Olympic Team.

Golden Fleece: Claudio Del Vecchio Buys Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Chairman & CEO Claudio Del Vecchio shares how he got tangled up with the suit and 'golden fleece' business.

How the 'It' Boys Are Filling the Fashion Void

Designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow go back to the roots of Public School at Sean John and define the model "Public School" man.

How to Make a Great First Impression on Shoppers

Joshua Schulman, president of Bergdorf Goodman, explains how the department store changed its attitude by changing what fashions it put by the front door.

Rag & Bone: The New Luxury is Authenticity

Marcus Wainwright, co-founder of rag & bone, says the new luxury can be as simple as a proper-fitting pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 

Shinola Aims to Make Detroit the Watchmaking Capital

Shinola CEO Heath Carr shares the company's goal of bringing the factory floor life back to Detroit with watchmaking and neighbors.

Stores Are Using Heat Maps to See What You Tried On

Steve Russell, founder of Prism Skylabs, explains how heat maps are giving clothing stores more data on what shoppers are trying on and interested in.

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Thom Browne: American Fashion and the Classic Gray Suit

About this conference

Today's man is smart, strategic, stylish and driven-and he has changed the rules of the menswear market. In response, brands from the independent to the iconic are breaking boundaries-evolving their images and developing innovative ways to reach this informed and powerful consumer. They are rethinking the traditional, finding new platforms and sales channels, and reinforcing an authentic consumer experience at every turn.

Themed Breaking Boundaries, the Fairchild Fashion Media Men's Wear Summit will bring together the industry's most innovative leaders to assess, discuss and offer insight on the challenges and opportunities in today's marketplace.

Topics include:
  • Evolution of a brand image
  • Blurring the lines-designer and streetwear
  • Revamping retail, rethinking the traditional
  • Engagement opportunities-online, in store, and across platforms
  • The changing role of trade shows
  • Pockets of opportunity and category growth

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