Fairchild Fashion Media Men's Wear Summit 2013

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Courageous Fashion: Bold Color Trends for the Modern Man

Durand Guion, Men's Fashion Director at Macy's, shares how the retail store is breaking down taboos, and bringing color back to the men's wardrobe. 

How the Men's Wearhouse App Helps Millennials Suit Up

Douglas S. Ewert, President and CEO of Men’s Wearhouse, looks at how the millennial generation brought the suit back in fashion. Ewert also describes how the store is using everything from mobile apps to databases to bring young consumers into the store.

Kevin Carrigan: How Fame Inspired the Calvin Klein Look

Kevin Carrigan, Global Creative Director at Calvin Klein, shares how the brand is inspired by icons from the designer's archive to modern-day Hollywood.

Thom Browne: American Fashion and the Classic Gray Suit

Fashion designer Thom Browne explains why he returned to the timeless gray flannel suit for a show in Florence. 

Made in USA: Recession Fashion Does More With Less

Kent Kilroe, Managing Director at Freeman's Sporting Club, and Maurizio Donadi, Founder/Chief Creative Officer at Conduit Creative Office, discuss how the manufacturing mindset in the U.S. produces fashion that's made to last. 

Sharing Sells: How Instagram Inspires Fashion Retail

Blogger, photographer, and founder of The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman looks at how savvy shoppers are sharing and using photos, and he argues that retailers should think through a digital lens. 

New Trends in Men's Fashion: Slim, Colorful, and Hi-Tech

Eric Jennings, Men's Fashion Director for Saks Fifth Avenue, describes the trends in popular men's fashion today and what the new norm means for brands and designers. 

World of Gucci: How to Sell a Brand on Social Media

Gucci's Director of social media Courtney Colavita explains how the company reaches fashion fans worldwide without social media experts. 

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About this conference

A perfect storm of economic factors, technological advancements and cultural phenomena has created a new breed of man: smart, strategic, stylish and driven. His presence has changed the men's wear market, and in response successful brands-from the independent to the iconic-are transforming business to meet this powerful consumer at his level. Mission critical is rethinking the traditional to better utilize multiple sales channels and reinforce an authentic consumer experience at every touch point.

Is your brand rising to the challenge of today's men's wear market? Featuring invaluable insight from and about the industry's most innovative people, products, brands and strategies, the Fairchild Fashion Media Men's Wear Summit offers tools for adapting - and succeeding - right now.

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