EG7 - Monterey 2013

April 18 - 20, 2013
A gathering of the leading innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education for three days of unrelenting inspiration.


Thursday, April 18

1:00 pm PDT Michael Hawley: Learning Is Everything     Watch On-Demand
As the impresario of EG, educator and musician Michael Hawley kicks off this year's conference by reflecting on what the theme "Learning is Everything - and Everything is Learning" means to him.
1:20 pm PDT Eric Kuhne: Designing Cities Around Educating Minds     Watch On-Demand
Designer and architect Eric Kuhne re-imagines how we look at cities and discusses how education and learning will factor in to the creation of our next great civic spaces.
1:40 pm PDT Stephen Tobolowsky: A Raconteur Reflects on Learning     Watch On-Demand
Through his unique style of storytelling, actor Stephen Tobolowsky illustrates what he learned as a student trying to gain entrance into the drama department at Southern Methodist University.
2:00 pm PDT Jill Sobule: Sing Me a Song for America     Watch On-Demand
Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule appears on stage at EG7 for a musical interlude and plays a song that is reminiscent of her style as a political troubadour.
2:20 pm PDT Sebastian Thrun: Learn Computer Science from Your Couch     Watch On-Demand
Wearing a pair of Google Glass, Sebastian Thrun appears on stage at EG7 to talk about his new venture: a education organization that offers free online courses in computer science to anyone in the world.
2:20 pm PDT Nicholas Negroponte: Pondering the Dimensions of Learning     Watch On-Demand
How can children learn in places where there are no schools? Educator and architect Nicholas Negroponte reminds us of the differences between formal and informal education and the technological changes that now allow people to think differently about thinking and cognitive development.
3:20 pm PDT Flying Karamazov Brothers: Exercising the Mind Matters     Watch On-Demand
Modern vaudeville troupe The Flying Karamazov Brothers demonstrate how learning to juggle helps exercise the brain, which in turn leads to growing more white and gray brain matter, and explain the benefits of challenging yourself to do new things.
4:30 pm PDT George Church and Ting Wu: Radically Changing Our Genes     Watch On-Demand
George Church and Ting Wu work at the forefront of research in genetic and nano-engineering. As part of this vanguard, the duo present some of the scientific insights they have gained that may eventually allow us to reinvent nature and possibly ourselves.
4:50 pm PDT A Drawn and Rendered Life with Roz Chast     Watch On-Demand
Cartoonist Roz Chast uses her medium to illustrate her idiosyncratic take on both the mundane and the sublime experiences she encounters in daily life.
5:10 pm PDT Bathsheba Grossman: The Art of Three Dimensional Thinking     Watch On-Demand
Digital artist Bathsheba Grossman combines mathematical programming techniques with 3D printing technology in order to create sculptures and designs with recursive form and beauty.
5:30 pm PDT David Esterly: Carving a Niche as a Singular Talent     Watch On-Demand
Woodcarver David Esterly describes mastering his craft and the traditional form of baroque art that inspires his work.
7:30 pm PDT Greg Anderson and Liz Roe Pay Tribute to Igor Stravinsky     Watch On-Demand
A favorite at the EG conference, the dynamic piano duo of Greg Anderson and Liz Roe unveil their latest project-- a tribute to 'The Rite of Spring,' first written by 20th century composer Igor Stravinsky.
7:50 pm PDT Frans Lanting Explains Why Cheetahs Are on the Run     Watch On-Demand
One of the world's preeminent wildlife photographers, Frans Lanting talks about his latest project documenting cheetahs in Africa and Iran, and why these speedy animals are now in a race for survival.
8:10 pm PDT Bryant Austin Takes a Whale of a Picture     Watch On-Demand
For photographer Bryant Austin, documenting the largest mammals on earth means putting everything into one picture-- especially if that picture is printed to scale.
8:50 pm PDT Brian Hare: Want to Know What Your Dog is Thinking About?     Watch On-Demand
What goes on in the mind of a dog? Evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare discusses "dognition" and explains why our domesticated canine friends are actually smarter than many of us think.
9:10 pm PDT Mike Gunton: Out of Africa and Into the Unknown
Television producer Mike Gunton works tirelessly to bring the wonders of nature in the homes of millions of viewers. He talks about his latest documentary, "Africa," which takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the unknown lives of wildlife across the continent.

Friday, April 19

8:30 am PDT Marco Tempest Puts All His Cards on the Table     Watch On-Demand
Technoillusionist Marco Tempest shows how augmented reality is revolutionizing the world of magic by blending the line between what is incredibly real and what is incredibly not.
8:50 am PDT Apollo Robbins: A Pocketful of Miracles     Watch On-Demand
Sleight-of-hand performer Apollo Robbins demonstrates why he is called "The Gentleman Thief" and proves how a good pick-pocket can be almost undetectable.
9:10 am PDT Tink Thompson: The Investigations of a Private 'I'     Watch On-Demand
Author and investigator Josiah "Tink" Thompson shares how one mistake impacted the JFK assassination investigation for the last 47 years.
9:30 am PDT Ken Perenyi: Real Confessions of an American Art Forger     Watch On-Demand
How did a self-taught artist become one of the world's most notorious art forgers? Ken Perenyi explains how he was caught up in an investigation by the FBI in a scandal that rocked the art world.
9:50 am PDT Jim Meskimen: Vocal Impressions of Celebrity Voices     Watch On-Demand
Actor Jim Meskimen has been on stage for almost thirty years, but it's his astounding impressions of celebrity voices that make him stand out from his peers
11:00 am PDT Matt Harding: The Evolution of a Dancing Wayfarer     Watch On-Demand
In 2005, game designer Matt Harding became an YouTube sensation with his self-made "Where the Hell is Matt?" series. Now, Harding explains what has occurred since his videos went viral, and what lies ahead in his future as a dancing wayfarer.
11:20 am PDT Richard & Catherine Desomme: Vagabonding Around the World     Watch On-Demand
Sixteen years removed from their day jobs, Richard and Catherine Desomme share their experiences from vagabonding around the world in a legendary Unimog expedition vehicle and what the magic of travel means to them.
11:40 am PDT Bran Ferren on Building the Ultimate Concept Vehicle     Watch On-Demand
Inventor and designer Bran Ferren enjoys traveling to remote places. But instead of buying an existing expedition vehicle for one particular trip, he challenged himself to build one, which, in turn, helped him discover new passions.
12:00 pm PDT Steve Jurvetson: Investor by Day, Rocketeer by Night     Watch On-Demand
A top Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Steve Jurvetson tells the story of how he became interested in launching rockets as a hobby, and how it relates to his drive to transform science fiction into reality.
12:20 pm PDT Adam Steltzner: From Wannabe Musician to Martian Explorer     Watch On-Demand
Rocket scientist Adam Steltzner recalls the strange journey that took him from failing high school geometry--twice--to an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he and his team pulled off one of the most heart-stopping landings ever attempted on the surface of Mars.
2:20 pm PDT A.J. Jacobs: One Man's Quest to Create the Ultimate Diary     Watch On-Demand
With a camera strapped across his chest, A.J. Jacobs explains how he aims to put an "end to forgetting" in just the latest of his many experiments in which he acts as a human guinea pig.
2:40 pm PDT Red: A Visual Feast of Unconventional Art     Watch On-Demand
Architect and visual artist Red (aka Hong Yi) touches on some of her more unconventional works where she uses ordinary materials that have a connection with the subjects she paints. For example, she created of a portrait of NBA star Yao Ming using a basketball as a brush.
3:00 pm PDT Ben Davis: Envisioning Ways to Illuminate Ideas     Watch On-Demand
Designer Ben Davis, considered the visionary behind the Bay Lights art installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, talks about what and who inspired him to create the project, and details other experiments dealing with words, pictures, and ideas.
3:20 pm PDT The Wondrous Sensory Spectrum of Brandy Gale     Watch On-Demand
Plein-air painter Brandy Gale demonstrates her unique ability to visualize her five senses and transmit those images to canvas.
3:40 pm PDT Scott Hamilton: Restoring Eyesight in the Himalayas     Watch On-Demand
Financier and explorer Scott Hamilton participates in expeditions that drive cutting-edge technologies at extreme frontiers. He explains how his latest project to help remote Himalayan villagers regain their eyesight brought new meaning to his journeys.
5:20 pm PDT Alison Gopnik and the Science of Play     Watch On-Demand
Alison Gopnik takes her study of children's play and compares them to scientists performing experiments and thinking about counterfactual realities.
5:40 pm PDT Umi Garret Brings Music to Post-Tsunami Japan     Watch On-Demand
12-year-old pianist Umi Garret performs a selection of pieces and tells of her trip to Japan to visit communities that suffered great damage from the 2011 tsunami.
6:00 pm PDT Linda Ronstadt: The Joy of a Musical Upbringing     Watch On-Demand
Singer Linda Ronstadt sits down with Michael Hawley for a conversation about a wide range of subjects including early exposure to music and learning new types of music.
6:20 pm PDT Dean Ornish: Making Healthy Living Meaningful     Watch On-Demand
Dean Ornish talks about making sustainable life changes that can increase the health of your body and your mind looking through the lens of meaningful choices than enable a joyful life.
6:40 pm PDT Kina Grannis Sings With a Song in Her Heart     Watch On-Demand
Singer Kina Grannis performs at the 2013 EG Conference.
8:30 pm PDT Michael Apted and 56 and Up     Watch On-Demand
Filmmaker Michael Apted screens a scene from his documentary film 56 Up, the eighth installment in a series that has been following the same group in Britain since they were seven years old.

Saturday, April 20

8:50 am PDT Amanda Hill: A BBC Education for the Next Generation     Watch On-Demand
Amanda Hill, Chief Brands Officer at BBC Worldwide, shares the BBC's media and programming for the next generation of learners.
9:10 am PDT Daphne Koller: Innovative Learning with Online Education     Watch On-Demand
Daphne Koller, co-founder and co-CEO of Coursera, shares how the online education platform is blazing a path for innovative learning and teaching models.
9:30 am PDT BrainRush: Nolan Bushnell Brings Atari to the Classroom     Watch On-Demand
Atari founder Nolan Bushnell discusses bringing "BrainRush" gaming to the classroom.
9:50 am PDT Cellist Philip Sheppard: Classical Music Turned Up to 11     Watch On-Demand
Cellist and composer Phillip Sheppard draws inspiration from EG7, and he turns classical music up to 11.
11:20 am PDT James Kunstler: Rebuilding the Human Habitat in America     Watch On-Demand
Author James Kunstler discusses how Americans can rebuild a more sustainable human habitat.
11:40 am PDT Kitchen & Laboratory: Chef Chris Young's Food Experiments     Watch On-Demand
Chef Chris Young brings the laboratory to the kitchen and he experiments with wild food concoctions.
12:00 pm PDT Dr. Christopher Shih: Digesting New Ideas About Health     Watch On-Demand
Dr. Christopher Shih digests new ideas about health and disease prevention.
2:00 pm PDT John Underkoffler: The Fingerpointing Future of Computing     Watch On-Demand
John Underkoffler, co-founder of Oblong Industries, reveals the boundless future of hand gestural graphical user interfacing.
2:40 pm PDT Ravynn Karet Coxen: How Dance Cherishes Cambodian Culture     Watch On-Demand
Ravynn Kare Coxen, founder of the Nginn Karet Foundation for Children in Cambodia, shares how ancient Angkor dance helps cherish modern Cambodian culture.
3:00 pm PDT Michael Moschen: Abstract Sound with Simple Instruments     Watch On-Demand
Juggler and performer Michael Moschen shows how to create abstract sound with very simple instruments.
3:40 pm PDT Jo Montgomery & Chuck Johnson: Good to the Last Drop     Watch On-Demand
Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson, founders of the School of Acrobatics, demonstrate why their circus artistry is good to the last drop.

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