EG7 - Monterey 2013

April 18 - 20, 2013
A gathering of the leading innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education for three days of unrelenting inspiration.


The Hidden Genius of Dogs

Brian Hare suggests that dogs as a species have a hidden genius that allowed them to evolve from feared wolves to beloved pets.

Computers Are Just Tools to Help Learning

Michael Hawley compares computers to other classroom learning tools, such as musical instruments, that assist in drawing out the creativity of students.

A Good Victim Never Knows They Were Robbed

Expert pickpocket Apollo Robbins demonstrates the art of distraction by stealing a man's watch and wearing it in front of his face while the victim fails to notice.

There Can Still Be Magic In an Augmented Reality

Cyber illusionist Marco Tempest combines a Google Glass-like technology with sleight of hand and proves magic can still exist in a technologically advanced world.

The Untrue Fact About the JFK Assassination

Josiah "Tink" Thompson, who wrote about the Kennedy assassination for LIFE magazine, reexamines a fact from the investigation that turns out to be false and has confused our understanding of what happened.

Artists Do Not Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

David Esterly contrasts how scientists build on the knowledge of those who came before to advance their understanding, whereas artists can feel held back by the work of their predecessors.

A Robust, Incredible Vehicle for a 20-Year Off-Road Trip

Richard and Catherine Desomme show off the unusual and robust Unimog expedition vehicle they bought that has carried them around the world for almost two decades.

Matt Harding Risks Reputation By Creating a Message

YouTube sensation Matt Harding goes against convention by using his latest "Where The Hell Is Matt?" dancing video to make a statement about cultural understanding.

A Surprise Discovery Among Groups of Rhinos

Mike Gunton demonstrates the endless surprising discoveries to be made on the African continent by playing previously unheard sounds of rhinos congregating under starlight.

A Modern Take on the Classic 'The Rite of Spring'

Musicians and filmmakers Greg Anderson and Liz Roe show a trailer for a contemporary visual interpretation of 'The Rite of Spring' by Igor Stravinsky

Giving People Confidence to Use Their Genome

Ting Wu explains the goals of the personal genome project, which allows people to be empowered by their genetic information and to develop the confidence to use it to make decisions.

Keeping Digital Art Safe from Plagiarism

Bathsheba Grossman shows examples of how her designs get reappropriated-- and even outright plagiarized, and explains her struggles with the "wild west" legal environment that surrounds digital art.

Going to Mars Is About More Than Science

NASA scientist Adam Steltzner wonders at why the average person is so interested in scientific missions to Mars.  He attributes their curiosity to a collective sense of exploration.

How Much Is a Wild Cheetah Worth?

Wildlife photographer Frans Lanting analyzes the number of tourists drawn to a cheetah and calculates how much the animal is worth to her local economy.

Using Art to Bear Witness to Death

Cartoonist Roz Chast presents drawings she made of her mother and shares her feeling that life events should be used as material for art.

Humble Beginnings for Modern Education

Eric Kuhne describes how the western idea of academia originated with a rich patron hiring a playwright to entertain his workers.

Jill Sobule Performs at the EG Conference

Jill Sobule plays a song while enlisting the help of the audience at the seventh EG Conference.

Could Online Learning Kill Off Student Loans?

Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity, demonstrates how offering courses to large classes online through a partnership with San Jose State helps combats rising tuition costs.

Multitasking Karamazov Style

The Karamazov Brothers show off an extreme feat of simultaneous action: juggling, while at the same time playing marimba, harmonica, and tap dancing.

Taking College Into One's Own Hands

Stephen Tobolowsky recalls a feud with one of his university professors and how he devised a plan to secretly take a matriculation exam to circumvent her.

The Awesome Scale of a Lifesize Whale Photograph

Whale photographer Bryant Austin took a mosaic of high resolution photographs and stitched together a lifesize image of a whale at an unimaginable scale.

Village Kids Teach Themselves English with Tablets

Nicholas Negroponte describes a project where tablet computers were dropped into villages without instructions and children were able to teach themselves to read English by playing with preloaded games and apps.

Extending Burning Man to the San Francisco Bay Bridge

Ben Davis discusses how, while looking at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, he came up with an idea to bring the spirit of Burning Man to the city, which turned into the Bay Lights project.

Fear-Based Lifestyle Change Is Unsustainable

Dr. Dean Ornish argues that people will adhere to healthy lifestyle changes in greater numbers when they are motivated by what they gain in quality of life rather than by fear of harmful habits.

Earth Unplugged: BBC Puts Nature on YouTube for Teens

Amanda Hill explains the anthropological approach BBC Earth took to get in the minds of teenage viewers and launch its Earth Unplugged YouTube series.

Education Levels Up: Video Games Make Learning Addictive

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and BrainRush, describes how video games can inform educators about teaching to every student's needs.  

Designing a Family-Friendly Extreme Expedition Vehicle

Bran Ferren illustrates the tremendous challenge of designing what is essentially an RV that can go to remote places in the world and traverse extreme terrain.

Inspired Environment: Improvising with Your Surroundings

Composer Philip Sheppard plays a short cello improvisation inspired by the Monterey Bay setting with suggestions from the E.G. conference audience. 

Kina Grannis Sings "My Own"

Singer Kina Grannis performs at the 2013 EG Conference.

Learning to Juggle With One Open Hand

Juggler Michael Moschen recounts his journey of discovering how he could juggle balls in his hand -- advancing from one single ball to holding and moving four at once.

Linda Ronstadt Wishes for More and Better Music at Home

Singer Linda Ronstadt bemoans the loss of music being performed at home, remembering that her whole family played instruments and sang growing up.  

Celebrity Voices in Unlikely Combinations

Impressionist Jim Meskimen draws celebrity names at random and combines their voices into strange and fascinating hybrid impersonations.

Cambodian Sacred Dance Revived

Ravynn Karet Coxen shares the inspiration for her opening a dance school focused on Cambodian sacred dance.

Bringing the Miracle of Sight to the Developing World

Scott Hamilton argues that the best medical help that can be brought to the world is eyeglasses or cataract repair. Half of visual impairments can be easily corrected according to the World Health Organization.

Performing Gravity-Defying Feats of Acrobatics

Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson, founders of the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, perform gravity-defying feats of acrobatics.

Children Learn By Being Playful Scientists

Alison Gopnik presents evidence that the reason children learn so well and so quickly is because by playing they constantly experiment with the world around them.

Artist Red Lets Flowers Paint a Picture

Artist Red (aka Hong Yi) talks about one of her more ambitious projects, a portrait of Burmese political activist Aung San Suu Kyi made with white carnations in red food dye.

Suburbia Is Over: Why US Oil Dependence is Futureless

James Howard Kunstler, author of Too Much Magic, warns that lifestyle of suburban communities in the U.S. are unsustainable, and he asserts that suburbia will have to cut its dependence on cars and oil.

Tablet & Tutor: Coursera Brings Mastery Learning Online

Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera, describes how MOOCs and today's sophisticated technology are bringing education back to the goal of affordable one-to-one learning.

Recipe for Science: Chefsteps Cooks with Liquid Nitrogen

Chef Chris Young shows off some of the culinary work done at his experimental kitchen in Seattle and how to go beyond the recipe.

The Impact of Recording Your Entire Life

Author A.J. Jacobs shares his experience wearing a video camera that recorded his whole life and how it impacted his thoughts on privacy and his relationships.

The Joy of Photographing Rocket Failure

Rocket enthusiast Steve Jurvetson expresses surprising satisfaction at watching rockets fail and explode through photos and video.

Vision for Minority Report Was a Big Interface Prototype

John Underkoffler, visionary designer behind Minority Report, describes how his work on a hand gestural computer interface inspired the film, and how his work is leading to more advanced computer interfacing.

Why Michael Apted Continued the 7 Up Series to 56 Up

Filmmaker Michael Apted shares that the 7 Up film was meant to be a political documentary about the British class system, but after the first few episodes, he realized it had a universal significance related to life all around the world.

Young Pianist Tours Japan Two Years After the Tsunami

Pianist Umi Garret shares pictures from her recent tour of tsunami-damaged Japan where she performed for children at three elementary schools.

What Synesthesia Feels (Or Sounds Or Smells) Like

Brandy Gale describes her synesthesia--a unique stimulation of multiple cognitive pathways-- and the odd sensory experiences that are provoked by her everyday surroundings.

There's No Magic Pill: Supplementing a Healthy Lifestyle

Gastroenterologist and pianist Christopher Shih argues that there is no cure-all 'magic pill,'  and that the most effective treatment is a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise.

FROM EG3: Adam Savage Obsesses Over Recreating Dodo Skeleton

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