Effective Altruism Global 2016

August 6 - 7, 2016


  • Saturday, August 6
  • Sunday, August 7
9:00 am PDT Risks and Benefits of Advanced AI     Watch On-Demand
Max Tegmark
Riva-Melissa Tez
Toby Ord
Dileep George

How can we benefit from modern AI while avoiding the risks?
9:40 am PDT Upstream Altruism     Watch On-Demand
-Christine Peterson
10:20 am PDT Aggregating Knowledge     Watch On-Demand
How can we communicate our research and ideas so that others can build on that?
10:27 am PDT Creating Effective Policies     Watch On-Demand
Rajesh Mirchandani
Genya Dana
Tom Kalil
Seb Farquhar

How can EA influence government policy to maximize positive impact?
12:00 pm PDT Rethinking Meat and the End of Factory Farming     Watch On-Demand
Claire Zabel
Isha Datar
Lewis Bollard
Bruce Friedrich
Tobias Leaneert
Alison Smith

What is the state of meat alternatives? How can we use these to accelerate the end of factory farming?

Lunch: 1:00 - 2:20 pm PDT
10:00 am PDT CEA Research and the Institute for Effective Altruism     Watch On-Demand
An overview of CEA's new research agenda and plans for a new EA Institute at the University of Oxford.

-Stefan Schubert
-Michelle Hutchinson
2:20 pm PDT Forecasting     Watch On-Demand
Julia Galef
Robin Hanson
Owen Cotton-Barratt
Jason Matheny

How can we use forecasting technology to improve decision making?
2:20 pm PDT Data-Driven Movement Building     Watch On-Demand
Using modern data to inform decisions about social movements.
4:00 pm PDT Engaging Developing Country Governments     Watch On-Demand
How can we leverage the massive opportunity of influencing government spending?
5:40 pm PDT From Behavioral Economics to Public Policy     Watch On-Demand
Cass Sunstein

How can we use insights from modern psychology to create effective policies?
7:20 pm PDT Closing Session     Watch On-Demand
Will MacAskill

A summary of the conference and a call to action.

About this conference

The fourth annual conference of Effective Altruism, a growing network using reason and evidence to maximally improve the world.

About The Centre for Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a growing social movement founded on the desire to make the world as good a place as it can be, the use of evidence and reason to find out how to do so, and the audacity to actually try.

As the organisation to first settle on the term ‘effective altruism’, the Centre for Effective Altruism is a growing coalition of projects that put these ideas into practice in different ways. The Centre is based at its offices in the University of Oxford.

For more information, visit: https://www.centreforeffectivealtruism.org/