Bold Bets: Fast Forward to the Connected City

May 21, 2015
2:30 - 5:10 pm PDT


America's Power Grid Is Near Extinction

Ed Kjaer, Director of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness at SCE, says digitizing and modernizing the power grid will make or break energy companies.

Edward Rendell: Fixing America's Most Dangerous Bridges

Former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell says America's bridges are aging and unsafe and could be better monitored with smart technology like sensors.

HoloLens: Microsoft's Vision of the Future

Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, looks at how ambient intelligence and the potential of smart technology are inspiring new gadgets like the HoloLens.

Mesa Mayor John Giles: Improving How 911 Calls Work

Mesa Mayor John Giles talks about how the city's first-responders used data to reduce unnecessary emergency-room visits.

About this conference

Just how smart will our cities become-and how quickly? As the software and hardware industries continue to converge, urban infrastructures are becoming ever-more connected. With an eye toward efficiency and sustainability, The Atlantic will gather experts to explore how software innovation is transforming our cities. Our program will examine how the next generation of connected cities will operate and how their citizens will experience their urban environments.

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