Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2012

September 20 - 21, 2012


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About this conference

Since its founding in strategic partnership with the United Nations Office for Partnerships in 2006, the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit convenes an unparalleled group of world leaders from a wide array of disciplines. In a think tank discussion format, heads of state engage with directors of global agencies, leading CEOs, Nobel laureates, technology innovators and pioneering researchers. The BCLS is a platform to develop tangible solutions and build networks in order to address the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization. We believe that this forum functions to map global 'action' areas and, through its facilitation of cross-disciplinary discussion and an emphasis on innovation, provides an opportunity to gain insights and ground future initiatives. The Summit concludes with the Louise Blouin Foundation Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner honoring individuals whose leadership has extended beyond national boundaries to bring about positive social, economic, scientific or cultural change.

About Louise Blouin Foundation

The Louise Blouin Foundation is an international non-profit organization founded in 2005 with the aim of raising awareness of the integral role that culture and creativity can play in resolving global issues. The strategic partnership between the Louise Blouin Foundation and the United Nations Office for Partnerships was formed on the shared belief that nation states, both rich and poor, have become interdependent. We must walk together and mutually confront the 21st century challenges of national security, economic instability, health and education provision; and share knowledge, culture and technology. The Blouin Creative Leadership Summit embodies our belief in the urgent need for a multi-disciplinary approach to global issues, and the importance of innovation, multi-dimensional thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in finding solutions at the local and global levels. The Foundation is committed to large and small-scale initiatives that promote cooperation and improve quality and dignity of life for people and communities around the world.  We invite you to visit to learn more.

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