Black Male Re-Imagined III

October 11, 2016 2:00 PM -
October 11, 2016 10:00 PM


Tuesday, October 11

2:00 pm EDT Movement 1 - Transformations and History     Watch On-Demand
  • Libation "Calling the Ancestors" - Rashida Bumbray
  • Special Performance by Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts' Mellow Tones
  • VIDEO Intercessional: #BlackMenSpeak
  • "Transformation Suite: History" by Samora Pinderhughes
  • A Special Performance by Christian Scott - KKPD
  • VIDEO Intercessional: "Black Male Images"
  • Conversation with Haile Gerima and Arthur Jafa
  • Video Intercessional - Father to Son - Paul Coates Reflection
  • Haki Madhubuti - Black Men: Single, Obsolete, Dangerous Revisited
  • A Special Performance by Taylor Bennett
2:30 pm EDT Chinese Lounge Session I     Watch On-Demand
  • Cheo Tyehimba Taylor, Forward Ever Media
3:45 pm EDT Movement 2 - Cycles     Watch On-Demand
  • Transformations Suite: Cycles - by Samora Pinderhughes
  • Video Intercessional - Building a Beloved Community
  • Conversation: "Fathers to Sons" Ron Davis, Michael Brown Sr., Tracy Martin
  • Video Intercessional - Italo Mchawi
  • The Art of Dying Young - Shawn Peters, FM Supreme, Howard Pinderhughes, Anthony Smith
  • Video Intercessional - #BlackMenSpeak Rashad Drakeford Interview
  • Special Performance by Navasha Daya
  • Video Intercessional - Unsung Heroes from the Ferguson Movement
  • Unsung Heroes from the Ferguson Movement - Dr. Robert Biko Baker, Rika Tyler, Devante Jackson (Low Key), Antoine White (T-Dubb-O)
  • Video Intercessional - Kaepernick
  • Special Performance by FM Supreme
4:00 pm EDT Chinese Lounge Session II     Watch On-Demand
  • The Hilltop's Jason Ajiake
5:20 pm EDT Live Stream Video Interlude
  • Video Intercessional: "Run Mary Run"
  • Video Intercessional: "Mothers of the Revolution"
  • Video Intercessional: "Cities United"
5:35 pm EDT Movement 3 - Momentum     Watch On-Demand
  • Tony Donaldson - Impact of a Spelling Bee
  • Special Performance by Cecily
  • A Mic Roundtable: In Search of Ourselves: Black Men Reflecting on Liberation - Darnell Moore, Mychal Denzel Smith, Tiq Milan, Jamil Smith, Preston Mitchum
  • Special Performance by Aja Monet
  • Black Women Reflecting on Culture as a Tool for Liberation: Salahmishah Tillet, Jamilah Lemieux, Simone Leigh, Gina Belafonte, Kierna Mayo, Alexis McGIll Johnson
  • Video Intercessional - "Color of Change"
  • #VotingWhileBlack - Rashad Robinson
6:15 pm EDT Chinese Lounge Session III     Watch On-Demand
  • The Hilltop's Christian Bacon
7:30 pm EDT Movement 4 - Ascension     Watch On-Demand
  • Special Dance Piece by Storyboard P
  • Closing Reflections - TBD
  • "Transformations Suite: Momentum/Ascension" by Samora Pinderhughes

About this conference

In an effort to affirm accurate portrayals of Black people in the mainstream media, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement , in partnership with the Perception Institute , will host a special gathering titled "Black Male Re-Imagined III".

Part of a groundbreaking event series launched in 2010, "Black Male Re-Imagined III" will feature timely discussions that explore how Black men and women are portrayed in the mainstream, with a particular focus on issues such as: dissecting media coverage of police violence against Black people; the intersection and inclusion of issues facing Black men, women, gay and trans people; the disparities in attention and action focused on Black women victims of systemic and domestic violence; exploring Black Masculinity (with a panel sponsored by; the relationships between Black fathers and daughters; the power of the arts in driving social change and activism, and more.

About The Campaign for Black Male Achievement

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) is a national membership network that seeks to ensure the growth, sustainability, and impact of leaders and organizations committed to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys. CBMA is a growing network that currently includes more than 4,720 leaders representing nearly 2,577 organizations and programs across the country.

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