Black Male: Re-Imagined II

March 5 - 6, 2013


Black Male Multiple Choice: Unemployed, High School Dropout or Incarcerated

If a black boy is born in the US today, he will have a 33 percent chance of going to prison in his lifetime. Stated another way -- one in three black boys born today will face prison time. It has become a sad normality, almost a backwards rite of passage, for black young men to enter the penal system and never return to our communities. more ››

Russell Simmons (via Huffington Post)
Unleashing the Power of Art, Culture, and Media to Transform Black Communities

The two videos showcase the Black Male Re-Imagined campaign's kickoff event in December 2010. The "Opening Night" segment features a town hall, hosted by the Harlem Children's Zone, American Values Institute, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement. more ››

Open Society Foundations
Black Male: Re-Imagined

1 out of 3 boys born to African American families today will likely to go to jail. Black men are 8% of the population in the United States and comprise 3% of college undergraduates and 48% of prison inmates. more ››

Grantmakers in the Arts
Black males re-imagined: Mentoring this generation

Close your eyes and think of a physician, judge, or family man. If the image in your mind's eye is not of a black man, it's no coincidence. Even in 2010, in the so-called "Age of Obama," mainstream media still miserably fails to offer diverse portraits of African-American life, especially when it comes to black men. more ››

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The Black Male: Re-Imagined - This is Your (American) Brain on Blackness

I feel honored to have been invited to moderate a panel at an important summit of young people, educators, geeks, activists, artists, nonprofit professionals and foundation executives titled: "Black Male: Re-imagined". more ››

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Chicago's Rash of Violence Follows Unsettling Yet Familiar Trends

While many urban areas throughout the United States saw homicide rates stabilize or even drop to record-lows in 2012, Chicago residents entered 2013 hoping for a solution the horrific bloodshed that has affected the city. more ››
George Soros: Reduce the Number of Black Males in Prison

When the Obama administration took office in 2009, there was a groundswell of belief that America was entering a "post-racial" era in which preference, discrimination and prejudice would begin to dissipate and that minorities, especially African-Americans, would begin to see themselves in a better economic and social position. more ››

A Life Long Process: The Education of Lupe Fiasco

About this conference

In December 2010, we convened for Black Male: Re-Imagined. The conversation continues on March 5th, we kick off Perception 2020 -- our national campaign to shape authentic perceptions of black men and boys.

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The American Values Institute is a national consortium of researchers and social justice advocates and is affiliated with the Institute for America’s Future. We have joined together under the shared conception that Americans are committed to the values of fairness and democracy - and we seek to counter the potential for implicit bias to undermine these ideals.

AVI was formed in the heat of last year’s Presidential election when the issue of race appeared poised to play a crucial role in the election. The Right was running ads designed to appeal to racial prejudices and many white voters in different parts of the country were openly expressing racial anxiety. A year later, we are seeing a resurgence of these same tactics - confirming that this work continues to be crucially important despite the election of our first African American President.

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