The Big Picture Conference 2011

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About this conference

Drawing upon the ideas and popular talent featured in his well-regarded blog, The Big Picture (, Barry Ritholtz presents The Big Picture Conference, a one-day, on-demand event that offers sharp insight into the financial markets, the economy and the dangerous intersection between government and Wall Street.

The conference brings together the fresh takes and unrestrained ideas of Doug Kass, Howard Lindzon, Josh Brown, Henry Blodget, James Altucher and many more. On the agenda is Catherine Mulbrandon’s
( fascinating look at income inequality in the United States, Paul Brodsky discussing the importance of gold, and Ritholtz himself presenting his version of “Your Brain on Stocks” while also conducting a far-reaching fireside chat with Doug Kass.

In other programs, the Wall Street Journal’s Kelly Evans asks Joseph Weisenthal (, Todd Harrison (, Dan Gross (Yahoo! Finance) and Josh Brown ( about the role of user-generated content in understanding the stock market.’s Aaron Task finds out from John Roque, Peter Boockvar and Kevin Lane where the market is going and which stocks these investors favor.

Don’t miss the discussion about the role high-frequency trading plays in our increasingly volatile financial markets or James Bianco’s unified view of why markets have begun to correlate and what it means for all of us.

About The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a leading financial weblog, generating several million page views per month. The Big Picture covers Investing & Trading to Macro Economics, and everything else in between. The blog has quickly amassed 70 million visitors. The Big Picture, was featured in the 10th annual New York Times magazine "Year in Ideas," under the topic DIY Economics, in 2010.

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