Asia Society 2012 Diversity Leadership Forum

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What Are the Current Diversity Issues Facing Asian Professionals and How Does the Competition for Asian Talent Affect Businesses?

The 2012 Asia Society Diversity Leadership Forum turns the spotlight on key Diversity and Inclusion issues in both the U.S. and Asia.

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About this conference

The 4th annual Asia Society Diversity Leadership Forum turns the spotlight on key Diversity and Inclusion issues in both the U.S. and Asia. The U.S. track explores Asian Americans in the talent and consumer marketplace. The Global Asian track looks at how the competition for talent affects Asians and companies in Asia. Both tracks examine how cultural competency is a critical, foundational skill for innovation and growth.

The theme for the 2012 Forum is: Linking the U.S. and Asia: Innovating Diversity & Inclusion Practices for the Global talent market.

The Forum provides a vital platform for businesses to discuss current corporate diversity issues facing Asian professionals and global market factors impacting businesses today. The one-day forum of interactive workshops is highlighted by the Annual Diversity Awards Ceremony, which recognizes companies that are at the forefront in promoting Asian Pacific American leaders and global diversity.

This one-day conference will feature:
  • Ground-breaking research results from the 2011 Asian Pacific Americans (APA) Corporate Survey, an annual study that examines barriers to and best practices for career advancement of APAs
  • Keynote and Plenary Session Presentations featuring executives from global Fortune 1000 companies
  • Small group discussion tracks featuring relevant Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) topics and best practices
  • Networking opportunities with organizations and professionals dedicated to the D&I journey
  • Conference topics highlighting the latest global talent practices, leveraging Asian Employee Resource Groups (ERG), developing Asian leadership and aligning D&I initiatives with business strategies.

About The Asia Society

Asia Society is the leading global organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the United States. We seek to enhance dialogue, encourage creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of policy, business, education, arts, and culture.

Founded in 1956, Asia Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution with offices in Hong Kong, Houston, Korea, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Washington, DC.

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