American Water Summit

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Thursday, November 4


3:00 am EDT The Water and Energy Nexus     Watch On-Demand
As natural resources diminish, water and energy are pitted against each other as never before: in the gas shale, in agriculture for biofuels, in power plants, in the pumping stations and desalination facilities. Amanda Brock, CEO of Water Standard, discusses the challenges and opportunities in this conflict with Chuck Gordon, President and COO of Heckmann Corp., CERA Director Samantha Gross, Heiner Markhoff, President and CEO of GE Water & Process Technologies, David Flitman, President of Water and Process Services at Nalco, and Venkee Sharma, CEO of Aquatech.


3:00 am EDT New Funding Models for Water Infrastructure     Watch On-Demand
Out of a crisis comes innovation. In the wake of the stimulus package, water utilities are looking for inventive new ways to finance their infrastructure. Laurent Auguste, CEO of Veolia Water America, Greg Ballard, Mayor of Indianapolis, David Trimble Director of Natural Resources and Environment at the Government Accountability Office, David Stanton, President and CEO of APTwater, Richard Splete, Senior Consultant from MWH Global, and Bob Gonzales, Ex-Mayor of Santa Paula, explain how they see the solution coming together. Chaired by Kathy Shandling, Executive Director of the International Private Water Association (IPWA)


3:00 am EDT A New Approach to Water Scarcity     Watch On-Demand
Historically, governments have sought to shield people from the harsh reality of the natural environment, building whatever infrastructure is necessary to create the fiction of plentiful water. This approach is no longer sustainable, but what is the way ahead?

Robert Simonds, Chairman of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Blue Ribbon Committee
As a successful film producer and relative newcomer to the water sector, Bob Simonds brings a clear-eyed business viewpoint to the complex politics of water. Water is an especially contentious issue in thirsty Southern California, where many interests vie for their share of a scarce commodity. With the costly infrastructure that has sustained life in the desert becoming ever more precarious, what new ways of thinking will have to be brought to the table?

George Tchobanoglous, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of California at Davis
Most Americans are used to paying little for water and using it profligately, even in water-short areas. As the value of water becomes more apparent, prices are starting to rise. A more realistic price structure should support opportunities for more efficient water use and re-use, but is this really happening yet? What issues do we still face in attitudes towards water, and what are the technology developments that will get us to a more efficient future?

Tim Loftus, Head of Water Supply Planning at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
North East Illinois has not historically had to worry about water conservation, but it is now firmly on the agenda. How can a region which is new to scarcity move away from a world in which water is essentially abundant and free to one in which competing uses of water must be measured against each other without resort to accelerated expenditure on infrastructure?


3:00 am EDT The Water Industry Leaders Panel     Watch On-Demand
Is the water industry on the edge of something big, or is real growth always destined to be in the future? With companies making big bets on the market, and investors taking renewed interest in the sector, what is the outlook? The people at the top of the water business give their view of what the future holds.

Including Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water, Bob Bailey, President of the Water Group at CH2M Hill, Greg Hyland, CEO of Mueller Water Products, Dan McCarthy, President and CEO of Black and Veatch Water, and Bertrand Camus, CEO of United Water. Chaired by Andy Seidel, CEO of Underground Solutions.


3:00 am EDT American Water Summit Keynote: PA Governor Edward Rendell     Watch On-Demand
Keynote speech by Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell during the 2010 American Water Summit.

Wednesday, November 3


3:00 am EDT Water Policy Futures     Watch On-Demand
It is crunch time in the U.S. water sector. The irresistable force of growing water scarcity and crumbling underground infrastructure is meeting the immovable object of public finances. The policy response will determine what happens next.


3:00 am EDT Water Investment Idol     Watch On-Demand
CEOs of five early-stage companies representing different opportunities to invest in the water sector make their pitch for why they offer the best return. Steve Maxwell chairs the session, and the difficult questions will be asked by a panel of judges, including Jeff Garwood, industry consultant and former CEO of GE Water, David Gray of Credit Suisse, and Dan McCarthy of Black and Veatch Water. The audience will then vote on the winner. The competitors are:
Mark Arnold - Quantaic Corporation
Emily Landsburg - BlackGold Biofuels
Mark Peterman - Onda Via Inc.
John Bissell - Micromidas Inc.
Mark Owen - Puralytics


3:00 am EDT Global Water Intelligence’s US Market Preview     Watch On-Demand
The results of Global Water Intelligence’s 2010 American market survey and forecast are introduced by US Editor Emily Pickrell, followed by a panel discussion led by GWI Publisher Christopher Gasson to highlight the investment plays arising from the report. With Judith Herschell, President of Herschell Environmental, and Marc Robert, Chief Operating Officer at Water Asset Management LLC.


3:00 am EDT American Water Summit Speech by Patricia Mulroy     Watch On-Demand
During the boom Las Vegas's appetite for water far outstripped its natural supply and the Southern Nevada Water Authority rose to the challenge, enforcing water reuse and buying rights to secure supply. The difficulty is that water infrastructure has to be planned for decades into the future, whereas the economy moves on a quarter by quarter basis. How has the SNWA coped with the economic downturn, and what are the lessons for other water agencies which need to plan for long term growth, but find the short term experience is the reverse?

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About this conference

Global Water Intelligence brought together water and money in Washington DC on the 3rd and 4th of November 2010, to discuss and evaluate new directions and map out a more productive future for the American water industry.