Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference 2013

August 7 - 9, 2013


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About this conference

The 2013 Alliance Conference brought nearly 300 capacity building professionals together over the course of three days. In over 20 different session and special roundtables, funders, consultants, researchers and nonprofit leaders came together to examine the latest research, learn from each other about cutting edge practices and build out the network of those committed to increasing the sector's capacity to achieve positive social change.

About The Alliance for Nonprofit Management

As the premier community of capacity builders for nonprofits, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management is a catalyst to ignite and accelerate the impact of individuals and organizations helping nonprofits achieve positive social change. We accomplish this through:
  • Programming that enables our members to meet the highest standards of capacity building and professional assistance
  • Advocacy to enhance the capacity building field specifically and the nonprofit sector generally
  • Research, development, and dissemination of cutting-edge theory and practices
  • Generation of provocative dialogue for social change

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